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TOYOTA Auris Hybrid 1.8 VVT-i Icon CVT Continuosuly Variable

Hypermiling iQ Breaks 500 Miles On One Of Fuel

There is no questioning status as one of the most fuel-efficient on the market, but a new hypermiling challenge has the tiny Toyota perform way its official mpg figures.

Piloted by two of the from the iQ blog, a standard iQ2 a 1.0-litre VVT-i petrol broke through 500 miles on a tank of fuel. What the achievement all the more remarkable is this was no finely tuned attempt, but a gruelling drive some of the most congested centres in the south and midlands of and Wales.

Setting out from on 25 January, the team tagged 18 in two days on a route that them as far west as Cardiff and as far as Wolverhampton. With atrocious conditions and rush hour to contend with, there was about reaching the target, that the theoretical range a full 32-litre tank in an iQ is 462 But in spite of wind, rain, and the need to run the heater, headlights and all a drain on fuel consumption the car 504.2 miles before its journey in central Oxford.

works out at 71.6mpg, compared to an combined cycle figure of

You can read more about the challenge at the iQ blog at .

For information on the iQ contact your Platinum Sales team who be happy to help.

09 Aygo: And Black And Blue, Too

Toyota revised for 2009

New Aygo and Aygo Black feature

Aygo Blue with air conditioning and exclusive Cayman metallic paint finish

Black with 14-inch Alcantara and leather trim and black metallic paint

Toyota Optimal Drive performance and emissions from 1.0-litre VVT-i engine

CO2 reduced to 106g/km

More 100,000 sold annually in

On sale now, on-the-road from £7,040

Aygo is a story in miniature. Since in 2005 this small but formed Toyota has amassed than 100,000 sales a across Europe, its combination of low of ownership, contemporary styling and character making it a top performer in the A-segment.

Now the factors that made Aygo a winner been further sharpened to it an even stronger proposition. The is the new 2009 Aygo, on sale

The revised Aygo range two new feature models, Aygo and Aygo Black, with equipment specifications, plus the Aygo and Aygo+, in three and body styles. All are powered by the of the Year class-winning 1.0-litre petrol unit, with manual or MultiMode transmission.


British drivers quick to take Aygo to hearts and the car was named Top Gear Car of the in 2005 an honour it held with the Bugatti Veyron. launch more than have been sold in the UK, Europe-wide the figure has already the 300,000 mark.

Aygo’s performance has been helped by fuel costs and taxation to emissions: with its low on-the-road rock-bottom 1E insurance group, cycle fuel consumption of and £35 (Band B) Vehicle Duty bill, Aygo perfect economic sense.

indicators suggest Aygo is to benefit from a trend for car to downsize: the A-segment is expected to from 4.7 to 7.0 per cent of total car sales by 2010, growth in part by the wider adoption of tax plans.

It’s a car with big for younger drivers, and it has attracted a number of women drivers, who account for 68 per cent of European

1.0-litre VVT-i engine Toyota Optimal Drive

three-cylinder 1.0-litre VVT-i engine, a category winner in the Engine of the Year awards in and 2008, now benefits from the of Toyota Optimal Drive, a of technologies that deliver efficiency, improved performance and emissions.

When the engine was launched in Aygo in 2005, it 109g/km of carbon dioxide. By 2008, this figure had reduced to 108g/km and for the 2009 it has fallen even further, to

The engineering improvements that this possible include a new system that saves during gear changes and the of low viscosity oil for less engine

With its all-aluminium construction, the VVT-i is the lightest internal engine on the market, weighing 67kg. It is also the most in the A-segment, producing 67bhp (68 DIN and it delivers class-leading torque of at 3,600rpm.

To provide better in urban traffic, the development worked to ensure strong at low to medium engine speeds by the intake system, setting the manifold length and giving the ports a smaller diameter. The configuration also promotes the of torque in the low to mid-range, with “metal” to move at lower

The engine remains remarkably with consumption improved 61.4 to 62.8mpg in combined driving with five-speed transmission (the figure is for versions with the MultiMode at 61.4mpg).

Design and Refinement

and built in Europe, Aygo is 100 per Toyota. Its design features elements, such as the characteristic around the Toyota badge on the and the triangular quarter light. Aygo’s appearance projects a and fun character, with a high finish and a comfortable interior.

spirit is reinforced in the 2009 with a re-sculpted front and bumper that emphasise the low centre of gravity, giving it a ground-hugging appearance. The extended bumper increases overall by 10mm and allows for neater of front fog lights, when

At the rear the rear lamp have gained circular detailing to accentuate their with a dark finish to the to match the look of the headlamps. are also new-design wheel and 14-inch alloys.

On five-door the B-pillar is finished in black for a sportier look and colour protection mouldings are introduced on the new Blue feature model.

Black comes with new and leather upholstery and leather for the steering wheel and gear

Noise, Vibration and Harshness

True to Toyota’s philosophy of continuous improvement Aygo’s NVH have been reduced. felt has been added to the A and C-pillar trims; thicker, materials have been for the package tray; and asphalt have been added the carpets and vehicle floor.

the bonnet, a new, damped pulley has been added to vibration in the engine bay.

Blue and Aygo Black

In to the regular three and five-door and Aygo+, Toyota has introduced two new models for 2009.

Aygo puts the emphasis on comfort and with air conditioning and Bluetooth provided as standard, plus an Cayman Blue metallic finish.

Aygo Black ups the factor with 14-inch wheels, Alcantara and leather and leather trim for the steering and gear knob, together a black metallic exterior. specification is available exclusively manual transmission; further Black models with air added to the specification are available a choice of both manual and transmission.

Accessory Packs

can add more features to their with a choice of two accessory The Style pack for Aygo (£580) provides alloy front fog lamps and front plates. The Xtra Protected available for Aygo Blue includes rear parking mud flaps and carpets.

For Aygo the Xtra Protected Pack also provides side and bumper protection mouldings.

For information on the Aygo contact local Platinum Sales who will be happy to help.

iQ Design Innovation

Winners in Toyota-sponsored competition

A simple but vertical storage system to bikes out of reach of thieves and a display that makes easier for two-fingered typists been named winners of a competition on the theme of Intelligent Living, hosted by the Royal of Art and sponsored by Toyota.

The contest inspiration that gave a new to some familiar household and produced some radical to make modern life and more environmentally responsible.

The new iQ, which addresses many of the of modern city living its compact dimensions and ultra-efficient provided the springboard for RCA students and to come up with new but eminently ideas for a great range of items.

Three designs from category Living Room, Kitchen and Garage were listed and presented to a distinguished panel that included Scott, creator of the original iQ from Toyota’s European centre ED2; designers Ron and Sebastien Bergne; Design W eek Linda Relph Knight; and from Toyota GB Plc, the RCA and agency Brandwidth.

Dominic secure storage system Out of out of harm was born out of his frustration at three of his own bikes stolen. The and hoist arrangement can be installed on or internal garage walls at at places of work or on public Extra security is provided by a cards system for locking and

Dominic shared the top prize Yusuf Muhammad, whose Yu is a compact computer peripheral sits on the keyboard in the user’s displaying words as they are Designed to improve speed and it avoids the need for less typists to keep switching focus from keyboard to

Other concepts that it to the final included: Twist + Cap Ahn, Gianpaolo Fusari and Reddall), a lemon squeezer a soft silicon cap that can be over the fruit to keep it once the required amount of has been extracted, eliminating Quicksnap (Graeme Davies), a hygienic ice cube tray avoids the problem of cubes out when the tray is twisted; Lamp (Jonas Trampedach and Jeantet), an environmentally friendly in which the lamp is formed its own polystyrene packaging; and My iQ Cinema Barbot), a 360-degree screen and video projectors with connection to provide a surround experience as you sit in your car, in your garage.

Speaking at the presentation at the RCA in Kensington on 15 January, Scott said: “For me the RCA is the to come for cutting edge The judges felt there two projects we wanted to reward the top prize, they were original ideas which we’ll see in the shops in the future.”

For information please contact our team at any of our Platinum Toyota

New Generation Toyota Prius

Third generation Prius at North American International Show

Advanced design, and technology to deliver better economy and performance, sharper and more interior space and

European model specifications to be at Geneva motor show

On in the UK summer 2009

A new chapter in the of Prius opens at the Detroit show with the official of the all-new, third-generation of Toyota’s hybrid power car.

a heritage of more than one sales worldwide since the model was launched in 1997, new takes the benefits of hybrid to a new promising even better economy and performance and reduced lifecycle emissions, from through to ultimate disposal. qualities are combined with styling, improved interior and comfort and a more rewarding experience.

New Prius remains a hybrid, a car that can run on its petrol or electric motor alone, or on a of both, according to driving It adopts a larger, 1.8-litre petrol engine, while a re-engineering of the Hybrid Synergy system brings significant in weight and size, contributing to the improvements in fuel economy and

Further weight saving are achieved through more use of lightweight aluminium and ultra steel in new Prius’s construction.

is built on an all-new platform for handling, stability and safety and it from new styling that is and sportier, while achieving better aerodynamic performance. the benefit of more wind testing than any other before, it achieves a coefficient of (Cd) figure of 0.25, the of any mass produced car in the world. particular attention paid to the of air beneath the car, this quieter running, improved and greater fuel efficiency.

retains its distinctive wedge and is only marginally longer the current model, but changes to the profile improve rear headroom and revisions to packaging of the Synergy Drive system for more space in the boot.

The interior has also undergone a redesign, with improved and styling that reflects user-friendly application of advanced

New Prius performance and specification specific to the European market be announced at the Geneva motor in March. The model is due to go on sale in the UK summer.

For more information on the New call into your Platinum Toyota dealership in or Trowbridge.

Platinum Toyota’s Drive Is Back For June

We are please to annouce that Toyota will be holding yet Ride Drive event at The Racecourse in June 2009.

You be able to take a long drive in any of the range of Toyota that we have available on the

It’s a fun packed day for you and the family as we have entertainment for you and the kids.

If you like to find out more on this event, please our sales team on 01225 — Bath or 01225 — Trowbridge.

The New Toyota iQ 16th January 2009 at

iQ is one of the most agile and Manoeuvrable ever built, yet at under 3 in length and with a turning of just 3.9 meters, it can easily four people.

And CO2 levels are so low the iQ is from road tax.

iQ is simply unique. And it’s for you to see, our Launch starts on January 2009, so pop down to local dealership and see the iQ, you can speak our fully iQ trained sales who will be happy to help. Or you can our sales team and book a drive.

The Toyota iQ On Display at The Shopping Centre In Trowbridge 12th to 15th January

iQ is one of the agile and Manoeuvrable cars built, yet at under 3 meters in and with a turning circle of 3.9 meters, it can easily carry people.

Platinum Toyota teamed up with The Shires Centre in Trowbridge to have the first ever car to be on display The Shires Shopping centre, so small we drove it through the door’s. If you don’t believe us, down and see for your self.

The iQ Be on display at The Shires from 12th January 2009 the evening of Thursday 15th we will then be taking it to the for our iQ Launch starting on Friday January.

If you have any questions on the iQ call of helpful sales who have been fully on the iQ, or pop into the dealership.

Toyota The New Avensis: Built In Britain

New of Toyota’s European flagship, in Britain

Saloon and tourer styles, with sleek, styling

New Toyota Optimal powertrains deliver lower and more power

All-new engines and revised diesels

units offered with new continuously variable transmission

standard specification with trim levels T2, TR, T4 and T Spirit

prices from £15,760

On from 1 January 2009

The all-new, third generation Avensis delivers more higher performance, improved economy and lower emissions. flagship model in Europe, exclusively at its Burnaston factory in the UK, from athletic, contemporary superb build quality and engineering.

New engines and transmissions been developed using Optimal Drive technology to significantly better fuel and CO2 emissions compared to the previous model.

New Valvematic petrol and revised D-4D and D-CAT diesel units balance pleasure with strong performance and reduced running Together they offer the and company car driver all the power and they are used to as well as the low and fuel consumption they now

New Avensis is available in saloon and body styles with equipment grades: T2, TR, T4, and T Spirit. All a high level of features for comfort and convenience, with features such as a Pre-Crash system (PCS), Adaptive Control (ACC), Lane Assist/Lane Departure Warning and premium satellite navigation with built-in hard for storing music files in the model for the first time.

UK sales of new Avensis start on 1 with on-the-road prices £15,760.


Toyota Optimal is a new concept in powertrain engineering and that is being applied to all new models. Toyota Optimal means no compromise on performance, or specification. On new Avensis, it brings new technologies and advanced transmissions, low friction components, lightweight design and enhanced combustion

New 1.8 and 2.0-litre Valvematic engines power for less fuel

is an innovation based on Toyota’s dual Variable Valve intelligent (dual VVT-i) In addition to the variable timing of the and outlet valves, Valvematic a lift control system continuously varies the lift of the valves to better control the and speed of the intake airflow. provides a breakthrough in combustion that ultimately delivers power for less fuel.

the range the new 1.8 and 2.0-litre Valvematic engines achieve a reduction in CO2 and fuel consumption of between 10 and 26 per while at the same time power by between three and 20 per compared to the VVT-i engines by the previous generation Avensis.

D-4D and D-CAT diesel up to 10% lower emissions

New Avensis customers one of the most comprehensive of diesel engines in the D-segment, all of benefiting from Toyota Drive technology. Entry is the 2.0-litre D-4D 130, by the 2.2-litre D-4D and D-CAT 150 as options, and the 2.2 D-CAT 180 as the higher unit (the D-CAT 150 with automatic transmission join the range in spring

The challenge was to develop these to give excellent performance and low CO2 and fuel consumption, while at the time achieving a substantial in the level of particulate matter and nitrogen oxides (NOx) Together the new diesel engine features deliver a reduction in CO2 and consumption levels between one and 10 per compared to the previous generation the 2.2-litre D-4D 150 and 2.2-litre D-CAT engines all meet V emissions standards.

Advanced new diesel automatic for the first

New Avensis uses a range of transmissions that strike a between responsiveness, smoothness and efficiency.

Multidrive S, Toyota’s new and continuously variable transmission is available with the 1.8 and 2.0-litre petrol engines. And for the first on a Toyota diesel passenger a six-speed automatic will be offered on the 2.2-litre D-CAT

TOYOTA Auris Hybrid 1.8 VVT-i Icon CVT Continuosuly Variable

All petrol engines are fitted a newly developed six-speed transmission, while the diesel are matched to the proven six-speed gearbox featured in the previous Avensis.


New Avensis has been for smooth ride comfort, but dynamic handling for rewarding characteristics.

A new platform provides an balance of high-speed stability and low agility, and to enhance performance, the MacPherson strut front and the double wishbone rear have been re-engineered improvements in torsional stiffness and rigidity. Front shock and rear lateral force specifications have also upgraded.

New, large wheels with wider are fitted to further improve and dynamic handling. A flush design helps maintain at high speeds, reduces and contributes to fuel efficiency improved aerodynamics.

New Avensis’s and flexible responsiveness is built on the foundations of a new, precision-welded of exceptional rigidity and a car body excellent aerodynamics. This new is fundamental to the car’s handling and contributes greatly to its safety and running. High tensile accounts for much of the constituent body components, which reduce weight, increase and ensure superb collision performance.


Toyota has built on the exceptional standards of the second generation using a robust new construction and an effective complement of active and safety systems.

Active for full control

New Avensis is with latest-generation ABS with Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) and Assist (BA) as standard.

Assist Vehicle Stability (VSC+) is a new feature on Avensis, fitted to all models. VSC+ with the Traction Control to improve traction and safety in low conditions, going beyond the provided by conventional VSC systems by steering torque assist to the driver counter the effects of or oversteer in an emergency situation.

Optional Pre-Crash Safety

T Spirit versions of the D-CAT 150 will be available (from 2009) with the option of a Safety system, a package also includes Adaptive Control, which maintains a distance from the vehicle and Lane Keep Assist/Lane Warning, which provides a and steering assistance when it that the car is drifting out of lane.


Entry point to the new range is T2 grade. Key features air conditioning, six-speaker audio with CD and MP3 file player disc), heated electrically door mirrors, electric windows, seven airbags, coloured door handles and electronic parking brake, a display and chrome window The active safety provisions ABS, EBD, Brake (BA), and Steering Assist Stability Control (VSC+).

is covered by a Thatcham Category 1 and alarm plus remote locking with double and lockable glove box. An system automatically locks all when vehicle speed above 12mph and all locks and are reinforced.

TR is the feature grade, for a majority of new Avensis sales, and on the T2 specification with the addition of alloy wheels, front fog automatic air conditioning, audio with Bluetooth and Aux-in cruise control with limiter (not 1.8 Valvematic Multidrive S), automatic headlights and wipers, driver’s seat lumbar support, leather wheel with audio and switches, leather gear trim, titanium centre finish, electric rear and, on the tourer, boot

Key elements of the T4 grade, above the TR include special design alloys, leather upholstery, rear view mirror, adjustable heated front and steering wheel with setting and Toyota’s Smart and Start keyless system. The T4 comes with rear glass.

T Spirit is the pinnacle of the structure, adding 18-inch in an exclusive design, rear sensors, a premium sound with 11 speakers and CD changer, headlamps with the Adaptive System (AFS) and headlamp The T Spirit Tourer is fitted a panoramic roof as standard.

For information on the All New Avensis, please our sales team at Toyota on 01225 486200 or Toyota on 01225 756550.

Stop Start) Press: Auris The Environmental Edge

All-new Dual VVT-i petrol with StopStart introduced in Auris

Developed with Optimal Drive, Toyota’s technology for achieving optimum efficiency, fuel economy and emissions with no compromise in pleasure

17 per cent lower CO2 (135g/km) and 19 per cent improvement in consumption (48.7mpg combined compared to previous 1.4-litre unit

StopStart enables automatic engine stop and when vehicle is stationary and in

Compact and lightweight new 100bhp DIN hp) 1.33-litre Dual VVT-i to be built at TMUK plant in North Wales

New six-speed transmission

On sale now, prices from £12,705 (T2

The Toyota Auris gains a advantage in the C-segment hatchback with the introduction of a new engine delivers lower emissions, fuel economy and improved and torque. And with the benefit of StopStart technology, environmental is further enhanced, with benefit in urban traffic.

The new 1.33 Dual VVT-i has the distinction of being the first to go on sale in the UK with the benefit of Optimal Drive, a breakthrough in engineering and design technology will be a feature of all future models.

Toyota Optimal

Toyota Optimal Drive is not a solution; it covers a range of technologies that can be applied to real-world results in environmental making the best use possible of formidable engineering skills. The is environmental efficiency, but no loss of pleasure.

The principal aims of Optimal Drive are to:

Reduce emissions

Increase fuel efficiency

Cause no compromise in pleasure

This contrasts the approach of some car manufacturers, have elected to launch eco-themed models with engineering and equipment tweaks to lower emissions and better consumption, often at the cost of and driving pleasure.

Like Hybrid Synergy as featured in Prius, Toyota Drive is a central element in strategy for environmental leadership and its term ambition of building the zero emissions car.

All new models will benefit Toyota Optimal Drive, new iQ, Avensis and Auris 1.33 leading the way. Each significant gains in environmental and running costs, while high standards of quality, and driver rewards.

New 1.33-litre VVT-i engine with Optimal Drive technology

The 1.33-litre Dual VVT-i represents the latest in Toyota powertrain technology. Benefiting Toyota’s motorsport experience, compact and powerful engine is crucial, the new unit is 54mm and 127mm narrower than the 1.4-litre VVT-i and weights less. The result is a four-cylinder that is the same size as a 1.0-litre VVT-i.

Its small and long stroke design a narrow block and reduces to give a very high ratio.

New pistons were with a smaller contact to help produce quick and combustion. Piston weight was significantly reduced, from to 180g a 36 per cent saving means they use less For leaner combustion, an oil jet was integrated the design.

The new engine gives a torque curve that is for everyday driving. Meticulous has brought an output of 100Nm per with a maximum 132Nm at 3,800rpm.

Toyota engineers the intake channel and used simulation to optimise airflow. were made smooth and any or sharp edges were off to help reduce turbulence.

weight has been saved by a cylinder head cover and intake manifold. In addition, the rigid aluminium crankcase is to the transaxle casing, improving of the joint in the powertrain and thus noise and vibration. An all-new profile was designed, reducing and friction.

Dual VVT-i

VVT-i (variable valve intelligent) provides continuous, control of both the intake and valves to optimise performance and consumption. This also more torque at low engine and helps reduce exhaust

Toyota StopStart

Auris is the model in Europe to benefit Toyota StopStart technology. the car is stationary, with the transmission in and the driver’s foot off the clutch the engine automatically and quietly to reduce fuel consumption and When the driver re-engages the the engine automatically restarts.

brings particular benefits in traffic, with a potential 15 per improvement in the amount of fuel and CO2 emissions.

StopStart is very smooth and refined in its operation. In a design, the system has a permanently starter gear mechanism: the motor is in direct contact the ring gear on the engine, means the engine stops and quickly and quietly. Compared to the 1.4 the start-up noise level has reduced by 9dB and starting time cut 0.7 to 0.4 seconds.

New six-speed manual

The engine is matched to newly six-speed manual transmission, ratios calculated to deliver the possible balance of performance and economy. The twin-shaft unit is 11 per smaller and has 15 per cent fewer than the five-speed unit, but has a torque capacity. Friction is and the driver enjoys an improved shift feel.

Using an gear compared to the transmission in the previous Auris 1.4, it also gives more at high speed.

Until production comes on stream will be fitted with manufactured in Japan. Five-door of Auris are also built in at TMUK’s Burnaston plant, Derby.

Performance comparison new 1.33 Dual VVT-i vs 1.4 VVT-i

TOYOTA Auris Hybrid 1.8 VVT-i Icon CVT Continuosuly Variable
TOYOTA Auris Hybrid 1.8 VVT-i Icon CVT Continuosuly Variable

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