Toyota Auris Hybrid Vehicle Show

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TOYOTA Auris Hybrid

Toyota Auris Hybrid

Toyota has big plans: In the next ten years, the Japanese want to offer (almost) every model is a hybrid version. After the Prius, which is now in its third generation on the way, followed in September by the Toyota Auris with the clean double drive. For us, this is an especially important car, says Fabio Capano, head of communications at Toyota Europe: The compact segment is more or less the face of the brand. In this very compact and at similar prices as the Auris has only mild hybrid cars are on the move such as the Civic and the Honda Insight. The Auris is the first full hybrid in the segment.

Mild? Full? Roughly speaking, a car with a mild hybrid uses the electric power purely to assist the combustion engine, a full hybrid can also drive, at least for short distances on electric power.

Purely electrical means in the case Auris: One button to activate the specific EV mode then the car rolled almost silently and powered from its battery for up to two kilometers wide and up to 50th with pace Practically, however, it works only partially. And requirement is in addition to a well-stocked battery very careful acceleration. For who is not very gentle terms that hunts during acceleration in the EV mode, the energy demand rapidly in regions where the system automatically switches the engine to support it.

In the slow urban debris during rush hour, but it works great.

Significantly understated

In addition to the EV mode, the Auris Hybrid three driving modes, which can be selected using buttons below the auto-Hebelchens. Even in normal mode, which is the default when you start, the Auris goes up to a speed of 50 km / h electric power alone as long as it let battery charge and driving conditions. The ECO mode reduces the responsiveness of the accelerator pedal and the automatic climate controls down consumption is reduced again.

The Power button modifies the response of the hybrid drive, exactly the opposite: The gas reacts directly. In practice, however, differences are barely discernible. Even in the power mode of the Auris Hybrid bolt is not the temperament and the eco-label to get ahead is still sufficiently fast.

Visually, the Auris Hybrid differs little from its traditionally-fueled brothers. A slightly better aerodynamics of the underbody, roof spoiler, a pearl white paint, it s only for the Auris Hybrid, a more striking rear that s it.

Inside, Toyota has the Prius passed in eco-show, where effective advertising shown on a colorful display, where the energy comes from and where it goes. This indicator has moved into the center of the speedometer, and much more discreet part of the Info-Systems. Where is the tachometer usually located at the Auris an Eco Drive Assist Monitor baptized circular dial, the display moves the needle by the current power modes.

Cute the little blue automatic Knubbelchen with separate Park button.

Battery in the trunk

As an internal combustion engine Toyota Auris to a slightly scaled-down version of the Prius has aggregate planted under the hood. The 1.8-liter VVT-i petrol engine uses the Atkinson principle, and provides 73 kW/99 hp in the Auris. He, too, have optimized the Toyota engineers consumption: Lighter materials, slim with long thread spark plugs, reduced friction.

The electric motor has an output of 60 kW/80 hp and a maximum torque of 207 Nm. As an energy storage using a nickel-metal hydride Toyota battery that is housed in the luggage compartment. This is intended to ensure that no space is lost in the interior, but reduces somewhat the capacity of the trunk. The hybrid Auris has 310 liters of cargo space can be expanded by folding down the rear seat to 1,290 liters.

The regular Auris comes to 354-1335 liters.

Electric motor, generator and power split are housed in a space-saving casing the size of a conventional transmission. Merged be the driving forces of electric and gasoline engine through a planetary gear, which transfers the energy depending on the situation at the front wheels or the generator.

Feels acceleration

In addition, the two engines are used to a maximum of 136 hp. That s enough for an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 11.4 seconds and according to Toyota a top speed of 180 km / h The perceived values ​​are, however, in some cases significantly lower. Speed ​​up 180 also reached halfway, it takes a lot of start-up.

TOYOTA Auris Hybrid

During acceleration, the gasoline engine turns only once troubled before the automatic finally decides to put the power in forward thrust. The hybrid buyer is not very disturbing they will be taking it anyway out of principle rather leisurely.

Which are also the newly tuned and responsive to 5 mm lowered suspension and electric power steering. The Auris is good on the track. The ESP uses, accompanied by an excited squeak, in too fast cornering rather late one, then if the tail is already taking a wrong turn.

The electric brakes are strong, but once getting used to they want an equally sensitive as the gas pedal treatment.

Rewards are the hybrid buyers for as much defensive driving with an extremely low consumption. Toyota itself gives him an average of 3.8 liters Super per 100 km both on land and in the city. No wonder the hybrid can still play, especially in the city of its advantages: Electric driving, start-stop, recovering energy during braking and rolling.

The city is the natural territory of the Auris Hybrid.

Inexpensive not only in the consumption

But not the only one: Who is not concerned about research that is wide with a full tank of 45 liters a whopping 1180 km. Of course the 3.8 liter is theoretical in a first test drive around Barcelona and the onboard computer showed an average of 5.0 liters. This too is a little especially since just driving in the congested Spanish city consumption to rise rapidly than usual but otherwise not allowed to fall.

Anyway probably the Auris Hybrid for its owner is a very inexpensive pleasure. The fuel consumption corresponds to CO 2 emissions of 89 grams per kilometer. This ensures even in Germany for tax advantages.

On the Toyota hybrid system is a five year warranty. These are significantly lower maintenance costs than a normal Auris, Toyota promises, and favorable insurance rates.

Also in pricing itself, Toyota shows quite moderate. In the already heavily-equipped basic version of Life costs of the compact hybrid 22 950 € 1600 € which is just more than a diesel with 126 hp at least comparable in performance of the engine is laid out Auris 2.0 D-4D. For the Civic Hybrid Honda wants from 23 990, the Insight is to have from 19 950 €. Gives the Prius out of the house it in Toyota from 25 450 € upwards.

TOYOTA Auris Hybrid
TOYOTA Auris Hybrid
TOYOTA Auris Hybrid
TOYOTA Auris Hybrid
TOYOTA Auris Hybrid
TOYOTA Auris Hybrid

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