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Toyota Highlander Electric Cars

Updated March 2012.

We traded in this car after 5 years for something smaller and less expensive (Toyota Camry). It was a wonderful vehicle with NO need for any maintenence the entire time we owned it. Would highly recommend this year/make/model..

My wife was fed up with the amount of time her 2002 Mercedes CLK 430 spent in the repair shop. If you’ve owned any Mercedes, you know what I’m talking about!

It was time to move up to dependability. Before the CLK, she drove a 2003 Tahoe which she really enjoyed. But, she didn’t like having to hike her small 5 ft 1 inch frame up into the driver’s seat.

With a budget of $40,000 or less, she spent a month or so looking and talking to friends. She eventually narrowed it down to a Lexus RX 330 or 400h. a Honda Pilot, and the regular Highlander Limited.

I did the research at Edmunds, NADA and Cars Direct. I also researched the Hybrid technology which the Toyota uses. As far as I was concerned, all of the vehicles were O.K. by me. I was fortunate enough to speak face to face with one of the engineers on the Hybrid development team.

I was impressed with his answers to some tough questions I gave him.

She chose the Toyota because it was extremely easy to enter/exit, it had plenty of room, and good visibility. Those were her three main concerns.

Before she bought it, I personally wanted to test the non-hybrid version, and the Hybrid version.

Test Drive-Non Hybrid: I thought it drove fine. which to most people would mean ‘fantastic’. The interior fit and finish, horsepower and everything was O.K. by me. it was everything the research said it was. Toyota appears to be at the top or very near, compared to the others, according to professional auto reviewers. (I can speak with authority they are miles ahead of Mercedes and the lack of knowledge Mercedes has with electronics!)

Next we drove the Hybrid . Wow! Major, major, major difference. The handling, suspension and steering are WAY better than the non-hybrid version.

All in all, it weighs about 400 pounds more than the gas only version, due to the batteries. which happen to be placed low under the vehicle. which brings the center of gravity lower. That is a good safety feature, which they don’t advertise.

To manage the additional weight, they made the chassis of the Highlander stronger. The Lexus RX, Lexus ES 350, Toyota Camry and Toyota Highlander are all built on the same platform with slight modifications between the sedans and the SUVs.

You really have to test drive both and you will know what I mean. The Hybrid is just a completely different ride. I was surprised that there was any difference at all, because they are the same vehicle.

The Hybrid drives more like her sporty CLK did, than a SUV.

The speed is awesome. A BIG part of the reason: The torque curve is actually a straight line. If you don’t understand torque, here’s a quick lesson. On a normal car, the max torque is produced at a certain RPM. Each engine has a different RPM at which maximum torque is produced.

It’s never the highest RPM.

Let’s say that a car’s max torque is 3500 RPM. That means, no matter what speed you are going, if you stomp on the gas, you will get max torque (acceleration) when the engine hits 3500 RPM. Once you pass 3500, it drops off quickly. That’s when you ‘up shift’ to bring the RPM’s down and increase your speed again. (If you are racing, that is!) Horsepower and torque are related, but we’ll stick with torque, because other than the Wankle rotary engine of old, I don’t know of another engine with a straight torque ‘curve’.

Well, of course other electric and/or hybrids would have a straight torque curve, too.

Anyway, the Toyota HYBRID gives maximum torque all the way up toit’s engine maximum 4400 RPM’s. In a normal engine, the torque increases as the RPM’s increase, then if falls off. In the Toyota Hybrid engine, the MAX torque is at ANY RPM up to 4400! Have the need for speed? With the Highlander Hybrid, just hit the gas, and bye-bye.

Woo-hoo, it’s really fun to drive this ‘sleeper’ of a speedster.

If I’m going 20 and I hit the gas, ALL the torque is there slamming me back into the seat. If I’m going 70 and hit the gas, the power is still there! Yes, you can enter freeways, and pass Semi’s with no sweat.

I like power for safety reasons, too. I’ve found that speed is a good thing to have in order to avoid certain dangerous situations. When I drove a Corvette, it was so small, I wanted to avoid accidents at all cost.

Frequently, that meant hitting the gas pedal instead of the brakes to avoid a collision!!

FUEL CONSUMPTION . In the Highlander Hybrid, we get 27 MPG around town, with the A/C running all the time. (we live in Arizona). We’ve put 40,500 miles on it as of March, 2012. Never had it on the highway, so don’t know what that MPG would be.

So far 2 oil changes have been the only maintenence needed.

Steering is a big issue with me. I do not like front wheel drive cars at all . And, the Highlander has front wheel drive. BUT, I don’t notice it. I believe that’s partly due to the Electronic Stability Control.

Toyota Highlander Electric Cars

To me, it means the front tires don’t get ‘slippery’ when you are turning while accelerating. In other words, the steering doesn’t require much input from the driver. It feels like rear wheel drive, which is my top choice.

I’m 6 feet, 240 lbs. and I fit easily into the driver’s seat. My sweetie (for 30 years) is 5’1 and it fits her very well, too.

Now, shall we address the concerns people have about cost versus payback in fuel savings? Well, we didn’t buy it to save gas. We bought to replace a luxury-sporty car with something that would haul groceries and friends in style, comfort and safety. We are very pleased with the gas mileage.

We do not want to waste gas, and we are concerned with our planet, so don’t get me wrong. But, if you can afford the extra $5-$6K, the Hybrid is the only way to go.

Through the mountains and on the freeways, we have more immediate power than most other cars on the road. Emphasis on IMMEDIATE. because of the torque.

Remember, the ELECTRIC motors do not hesitate like a a gasoline engine. The power is IMMEDIATE. It’s really cool.

The best reason to own the Highlander Hybrid, (for us), is because it is big and roomy on the inside, GREAT handling, LOTS OF AIR BAGS. The leather is very similar to the perforated leather in the Mercedes, which means you don’t get hot or cold. I can’t find a downside to this car at all.

It’s very safe to drive, and fun to drive. Great gas mileage.

Remember, this SUV was not created to be a gas sipper, it was made to be a big vehicle, seating for seven, with good mpg, power, handling, and safety features. Home run on all accounts.

Resale value is a two way street. It’s an unknown. We can all speculate that it will be worth LESS or MORE, so I choose not to speculate.

We leased it, so at the end of the term, it’s our choice to buy it or return it.

HYBRIDS: Most people don’t know this, and I learned it from the engineer who is on the Toyota hybrid development team.

The Toyota Hybrid Synergy drive system in the 2006 models is their most recent version.

Toyota leases their OLDER Hybrid technology to Ford and Honda among others. They also spent 7 years testing this new version before releasing it to the public. Wow, did Toyota get it right.

Toyota Highlander Electric Cars
Toyota Highlander Electric Cars
Toyota Highlander Electric Cars

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