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Toyota Fights for in both Plug-in Hybrids and Cars

Toyota Prius PHV Chevy Volt

By John (7/16/10)

As the world leader in cars. Toyota is fighting to that leadership in both hybrids and battery electric In plug-in hybrids, GM plans on mover advantage with the Volt. In electric cars, the Leaf has a sizable lead the Toyota FT-EV.

But Toyota has cars on the road with motors, advanced batteries, and drive systems than all put together. Toyota does not second place.

In talking with Toyota’s Cindy she assures me that Toyota is on on all fronts. A number of U.S. are already driving the new 2010 Prius PHV including the following:

San Diego Gas and Electric

Zipcar DC

Ports of New York and New Jersey

Valley Leadership Group

State University


California Air Quality Management

By year-end, 600 Prius PHV will be on the including 150 in the United States. A will be in 18 month lease In one prefecture in Japan, the Prius PHV can be by the hour. Ten of the Prius PHV will be of Xcel Energy s SmartGridCity in Boulder, CO.

Boulder residents participate in an interdisciplinary research coordinated by the University of Colorado at Renewable and Sustainable Energy (RASEI), a new joint venture the U.S. Department of Energy s Renewable Energy Laboratory and the University of Colorado at Boulder.

the test of 600 plug-in hybrids, will be receiving extensive data from each giving a near realtime of electric range, frequency and of charge, mileage, use, and of the cars. Aggregated data be posted on Toyota’s EQS Website

By 2012, Toyota will customers with a wide-range of with fuel efficient systems. The Prius will be the seller, but the 2012 Toyota PHV will be in demand from who want to be greener with a 14 electric range. A compact will help the more conscious buyers. The Toyota Hybrid will continue to be

Lexus hybrids will to deliver at least 35 mpg along their host of luxury

Ford will also customers a wide-range of fuel and electric cars, starting a Ford Focus that can buy as with ecoboost fuel or as a hybrid, or as a plug-in hybrid, or as a battery electric. Ford expand this range of to other lines in the years 2012.

Toyota s Transition to Lithium

The 2010 Prius PHV has three battery packs, one main and two packs (pack one and pack with a combined weight of 330 In contrast, the Prius NiMH pack weighs 110 pounds. battery pack contains 96 3.6 V cells wired in series a nominal voltage of 345.6 V DC.

the PHV is fully charged the two additional packs supply power to the motor. Pack one and pack two in tandem with main pack but only one at a time on the circuit. When pack battery’s charge is depleted, it disconnect from the circuit and two will engage and supply energy to the drive line. pack two has depleted it will from the circuit and the vehicle operate like a regular

Toyota Crown Electric Cars

Pack one and pack two will not in tandem with the main pack until the vehicle is in and charged.

The Prius PHV’s HV battery assembly requires cooling. The vehicle is equipped three battery-cooling blowers, one for of the three battery packs. battery pack also has an intake air duct.

One cooling cools the DC/DC converter.

all Toyota hybrids, the lithium-ion are built to last for the life of the Toyota is using lithium not batteries in its Auris hybrid. Nissan, Ford and others announced hybrid plans lithium.

Will 2012 be the that Toyota offers a Prius with lithium Toyota is not yet ready to say.

has a number of advanced battery RD with nickel-metal, lithium-ion and lithium for a wide variety of in conventional hybrids, PHVs, and FCHVs. Toyota uses and Sanyo battery cells. Panasonic acquired Sanyo, increased its ownership to over 80 in the Panasonic EV Energy Company makes prismatic module metal hydride and lithium-ion packs.

Toyota also owns 2 percent of Tesla, a major partner.

Toyota FT-EV an electric car

In 2012, city will have fun with the FT-EV, a pure battery-electric Currently Smart car drivers are $20 per day squeezing into parking too big for other cars. By 2012 Fortwo and the Smart Electric will have competition the Toyota FT-EV which is 4.5 feet shorter than the For the microcompact space, Smart is an electric version, as is Mitsubishi the iMiEV.

All these cars can in four people with waists.

Toyota s FT-EV is an vehicle with a 50-mile and a maximum speed of 70 mph. The battery pack can be charged in 2.5 with a 220/240 volt and in less time if not fully

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Toyota Crown Electric Cars
Toyota Crown Electric Cars
Toyota Crown Electric Cars
Toyota Crown Electric Cars
Toyota Crown Electric Cars
Toyota Crown Electric Cars
Toyota Crown Electric Cars
Toyota Crown Electric Cars
Toyota Crown Electric Cars
Toyota Crown Electric Cars

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