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Our Car Of The — The Toyota Scadenfreude

Our Car Of The — The Toyota Schadenfreude.

by Ian R


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Another day, another in the bollocks for Toyota. It turns out much hyped Prius, the car of for the kind of B list celebrity who to talk publicly of how green are but when they have to go hire a chauffeur driven as well as not being very is not very green.

Some readers will seen a viral e mail the rounds claiming a Hummer is than a Prius. That is not but if the carbon footprint of manufacturing and of batteries is factored into the the Prius has a more negative on the environment than a BMW 3 series, S40, Ford Mondeo, Accord or any other similar car that is roomier and performs because it does not have to forty five tons of around.

When the horribly Prius is running on its tiny engine it is the 21st century of a Citroen 2 CV, the old fashioned galvanised fitted with a moped that despite being was one of the most evilly polluting ever built (fun especially if you were trying to in one.) Both the Prius and the 2CV designed specifically for the purpose of nowhere slowly. A drive rural France however that at least the 2CV made a chicken shed.

I could explain here why the 2CV was a dirty little bugger but it is

Toyota Prius PHV Electric Cars

Many fans of the Toyota are currently whining that its are currently revelling in schadenfreude we are closet climate change Not so. The glee is not at the downfall of the Toyota not is it a racist reflex at the Japanese car having at last been as less than perfect.

No, it is those smug, self Prius owning bastards their come- uppance is so satisfying. For this reason we would rename the car Toyota and nominate it car of the year. It has captured the as much as the unravelling of the AGW climate science commissioned by catastrophe which we were all told was questioning but which turned out to be on made up data.

Climate science is the Toyota of the sciences, as soon as you hit a bump the fall off.

We ordinary must carry on however, of the problems and how they will our lives and also aware the people who have set themselves up as the expertise to deal with the have less of a clue to do than the little Dutch boy in the who stuck his finger in the dyke. So far the they have offered us are cars that generate carbon emissions than the cars they will depend on elements already and costly for their battery and have to be recharged every yards, carbon trading that will make for the people who are telling us how evil releasing fossil fuels are and ideas like V2G, a to power the grid from electric car or a proposal to pump dioxide into the upper to create acid rain will kill forests we know deforestation is a contributor to


When you look at it we haven’t a really. Let’s have a until doomsday.


Toyota Prius PHV Electric Cars
Toyota Prius PHV Electric Cars

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