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2006 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Test Drive and New Car Review 2006 …

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Volkswagen Jetta Electric Cars

Who needs hybrids?

This is the way drives. Compact, manoeuverable, enough for the average small and. it’s a diesel. than half the new cars in Europe are diesels including vehicles and sports sedans known for flat-out performance.

the Jetta TDI is neither of those it their outstanding fuel and deep-down torque. The current Jetta was launched last but the TDI is a late arrival. Starts at EPA mileage 35/42 mpg city/highway.


The Volkswagen Jetta TDI chatter at idle. It doesn’t clouds of black smoke. It crawl like a wounded when you put your foot the throttle. In fact the Jetta TDI destroys any negative images conjures up.

It is clean, acceptably and quick enough to run with the Fuel economy is better some hybrids and mechanical is far less. The Jetta TDI doesn’t have spark plugs, for sake!

But even without those the Jetta TDI would appeal, as it does a spacious interior handling qualities that it fun to drive.

I’ve heard suggesting that the styling Japanese and I suppose there’s truth in that. Perhaps is a better word, though almost impossible to avoid similarities when you’re an affordable sedan for the mass On the other hand, VW has cleverly distinction for the Jetta with a and handsome front end, one returns chrome to its rightful in automotive decor. It shares look with other in the Volkswagen family for a common

Or to put it more succinctly, this is a I’d be happy to see when I step out in the morning.

In the Driver’s Seat

Jetta’s are refreshingly simple and straightforward


If you’re looking for reminders of German precision in the VW TDI, the interior’s where find it. Reminiscent of industrial it is sleek, functional, well-organised. A touch of chrome and brushed is just enough to warm up might otherwise be, for some a bit too plain.

I thought it was elegant, yet simple in its controls and overall

You can add my name to a growing list of annoyed by the excess of knobs, and computerised operations in many new After testing the Jetta TDI I into another manufacturer’s car and while sitting in the lineup to board a BC Ferry back to Island and with nothing to do, I counted the buttons and switches in the compartment.

I was up to 48 and not finished when the attendant us on board. The Jetta, on the other placed the vital sound and air at my fingertips. Not on the steering wheel but on the where they belong, traditional round knobs I could operate instinctively.

The cannot be said for the storage under the armrest; it’s so far that I woudn’t even of accessing it without pulling off the

On the Road

Check the Jetta horsepower output (100 @ RPM) and you may think it’s to provide canal-barge performance. But today are not drawn by horses and are motivated by torque, which possess in massive numbers; 177 at 1800 rpm in the Jetta’s case. not a matter of 0-60 stoplight at 11 seconds the Jetta’s no racer.

What’s more important is when you really need it the ability to merge with entering the expressway and to pass vehicles once up to speed.

Volkswagen Jetta Electric Cars

My car came with the base manual and it’s a slick of work aside from heights, which make the art of heel-and-toe impossible. The automatic is a choice, suited to a diesel low-rpm performance.

Jetta is responsive though it could be a tad perhaps it’s been down for lazy Americans you or me, of course). No complaints with the which I’d earlier in San Diego’s canyons during the press preview ; canyon is a pleasure, even when canyons are in Manhattan where counts as much as it does in Black Forest. Adjust driving style slightly and to discover diesel’s advantage.

Journey’s End

Jetta: Meet the new of diesel

Philip Powell

I’ve noted about the TDI so far seems aimed at enthusiast while ignoring the needs of largely female audience. intention, ladies! Merely to assure the leadfoots in our audience a Jetta diesel is not a soggy But I suspect you care more family needs and therefore may be to know what diesel can do for

Read on.

It can save money in costs. New-generation diesels the Jetta TDI are clean-running. It’s the oil not the automakers, who must rid themselves of diesel fuel.

Of equal in everyday use the Jetta TDI offers better than some and makes the driver feel when placing the car in tight

The Jetta TDI can accommodate two adults and smaller children and when all are not the rear seat folds for cargo space. As mentioned it is than traditional diesels but to be the TDI emits a drone that at highway speeds. I found it but you may find it annoying.

As always, try before you buy. I the Jetta TDI to anyone who doesn’t the carrying capacity of a small bus and prefer to save their and the environment.

Volkswagen Jetta Electric Cars
Volkswagen Jetta Electric Cars

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