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Volkswagen is its next technology: the hybrid It will not only be applied to cars, the Touareg will use it. A near-production prototype was released and if the production version will the same performance will be impressive: a 9,0 liters/100 km and a CO2 emission of 210 for a SUV is pretty good, no?

Volkswagen be implementing a parallel hybrid on the future Touareg V6 TSI Hybrid. version of the SUV will have a full-time all-wheel drive The V6 engine develops 328 hp at 5,500 rpm and a torque of 440 NM at 3000 rpm.

V6 TSI E-motor drives fuel below 9.0 liters The E-motor between the V6 TSI and the 8-speed automatic adds power of 50hp and up to 300 torque.

In so-called boosting – requests for maximum power and (by kickdown or gearshift selector in “S” are supported by the engagement of both V6 TSI and drive systems – the powertrain supplies a power of 368 hp and the maximum torque increases to 550 Newton-meters. In case, the Touareg V6 TSI Hybrid accelerates to 100 km/h in (62 mph) 6.8 seconds.

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In parallel to pure and diesel versions, Volkswagen be bringing the next version of the to market as a hybrid version Average fuel consumption: than 9.0 liters fuel per 100 CO2 emissions: less than 210 For the first time, there is now a prototype that offers glimpses of the full hybrid that will be implemented on the Touareg.

This experimental has its conceptual basis in the current of the SUV. The car’s powertrain embodies many aspects of the Touareg Hybrid. It will be by a new V6 TSI a highly advanced gasoline injection engine boosted by a supercharger in tandem with an motor.

It will have a developed 8-speed automatic

Volkswagen will be implementing a hybrid drive on the future V6 TSI Hybrid. This version of the SUV have a high-performance, full-time drive too. V6 TSI stands for power with minimum The V6 TSI on the Touareg prototype is fun to drive and 245 kW/ 333 PS at 5,500 rpm. From its cm3 displacement, it generates a maximum of 440 Newton-meters starting from rpm.

These characteristics those of the Touareg with an cylinder engine, yet with the V6 TSI it is more fuel efficient.

represents the principle of intelligent (less displacement plus direct injection plus boosting) already established by on the globally successful TSI four engines, and it is now being applied to engines. The results are convincing. The torque delivery that from using a supercharger even more fascinating the addition of the E-motor, especially at low If required, an exceptional amount of is available from a standstill a that comes from a that is designed for efficiency. To further this efficiency, the V6 TSI use of a switchable engine water

This remains off during the phase, ensuring rapid of fuel efficient operation. The is integrated into the vehicle’s heat management system.

V6 TSI E-motor drives fuel below 9.0 liters The E-motor between the V6 TSI and the 8-speed automatic adds power of 38 kW / 52 PS and up to 300 Newton-meters In so-called boosting where for maximum power and torque (by or gearshift selector in “S” are supported by the engagement of both V6 TSI and drive systems the powertrain supplies a power of 275 kW / 374 PS and the maximum torque increases to 550 Newton-meters. In case, the Touareg V6 TSI Hybrid accelerates to 100 km/h in just 6.8

The hybrid system of the Touareg was not to deliver sports car performance. Its is to deliver very low emissions and consumption values. It may therefore as a surprise to learn that exceptional performance is accompanied by an fuel consumption of less 9.0 liters per 100 kilometers.

CO2 emissions are less than 210 The Touareg V6 TSI Hybrid will the limits of the Euro-5 and American emissions standards.

More 25 percent better fuel

Compared to a conventional SUV of the same the hybrid concept yields savings of more than 25 in city driving. Devel engineers calculate an average of 17 percent in combined city, and freeway driving. Essentially, are four parameters with the Volkswagen prototype achieves improved fuel economy.

system: an integrated start-stop significantly reduces fuel especially in urban driving.

braking: during braking, the operates as a generator and recovers which is then stored in the voltage battery (NiMH This means that the recovers a proportion of the energy would otherwise be rejected in the of heat through the braking It comes into effect during the initial travel of the pedal.

The E-motor: The vehicle can on the electric motor alone at of up to 50 km/h, which reduces consumption in city driving. In case the V6 TSI is turned off, and it is from the transmission by a disengagement In this condition the Touareg V6 TSI operates with zero Electric current flows the battery to the E-motor via the power which incorporates a pulse inverter.

On the later production there are also plans for a E-switch that the driver can for pure electric driving.

as soon as the driver removes his or her from the gas pedal, a clutch the V6 TSI from the transmission. This is possible at higher speeds in the production version up to about 160 and therefore in freeway driving as This eliminates mechanical losses, which in turn the Touareg coast significantly

The driver can convert this into improved fuel by adopting an anticipatory driving

Intelligent energy mix

With to powertrain types and their energy flows besides driving and coasting there are two operating modes: classic with internal combustion and the boosting that is typical of vehicles.

When driving just the internal combustion there are two possible modes of In the first case, the Touareg is like a conventional vehicle the E-motor performing the function of a 12 V alternator, which it replaces, to sufficient energy for the vehicle’s system and maintain battery (in this case a high battery). In the second case, the supplies the energy needed to the vehicle plus the energy to charge the high voltage via the E-motor, but at a higher rate, energy taken from when in conditions when the has been operating as an electric

This so-called load shifting makes it possible to the engine at a more favorable of efficiency in the engine load/speed The job of hybrid control is now to regulate alternation of electric driving and active charge phases to minimal fuel consumption.

when the driver consciously a request for maximum power or gearshift lever in “S” the E-motor supports the V6 TSI beyond the full-load curve. The powers and of these two motors are then to the front and rear axles by the automatic transmission. As previously this briefly makes a total combined power of up to 275 kW PS and a maximum torque of 550 Newton-meters.

In since it can be controlled extremely the E-motor is also used in the of so-called transient compensation to positive and negative torque For example, when the driver a positive load request the briefly boosts the V6 TSI until it has its steady-state target value. allows the Touareg Hybrid to accelerating.

Negative torque largely replace classic via the internal combustion engine are not optimal for efficiency, but are needed for comfort during gear or sudden charge changes.

The specific mode that is is shown by an energy flow in the display of the RNS 510 radio-navigation system in the prototype vehicle.

Basic layout of the hybrid drive

has chosen a parallel hybrid for use in the Touareg. In contrast to other hybrid systems, both properties and unlimited continuous capabilities are assured. With a trailer load of up to 3.5 metric the Touareg V6 TSI Hybrid can also be as an ideal towing vehicle. the parallel hybrid approach a higher level of efficiency alterne hybrid concepts in and freeway driving.

The powertrain primarily consists of the V6 TSI, the automatic transmission that is ideally suited for hybrid and tow use and the hybrid module integrated the internal combustion engine and the transmission. The latter weighs 55 The compact module houses in one the disengagement clutch located the V6 engine and the E-motor.

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The interplay of is “directed” by a hybrid manager.

multi-functional unit is integrated in the controller and communicates via the CAN bus lines units such as the automatic high voltage battery and power electronics that the electric motor. The latter manages the energy flow the electric motor and battery. the DC/DC converter, the power also ensures that the 12V electrical system is supplied via the or the high voltage battery.

on the charge state of the battery 6 Ah), vehicle speed and vehicle-specific parameters, the hybrid automatically selects the ideal mode based on lightning analysis of all signals.

Nickel hydride battery in detail

The metal-hydride battery used in the V6 TSI Hybrid reflects what is the best and most practical storage system for automobiles. safety, robustness and cost are all that favor the high-performance battery.

The battery is located in a saving area. On the prototype the floor has been raised by 50 The battery weighs 67 kilograms, of a total of 240 individual cells and generates a voltage of 288 Volt. An duct integrated in the Touareg’s ventilation system and two separate are used to keep the battery an optimal temperature range.

A battery manager continually battery charge by coordinating with the hybrid manager in the engine controller.

Special cables connect the battery to the electronics located to the left of the in the front of the vehicle to supply the with energy or in the reverse to charge the battery by E-motor it acts as a generator when (regenerative braking) or by the V6 TSI (via point shift). In the event of a the high voltage battery is by what is known as a “Protect The battery system, which the Protect Box, battery and components, weighs 79 kilograms.

compensation for added weight of system

To compensate for a portion of the of the hybrid components (about 175 the prototype exhibits numerous compared to the production vehicle. One is the full-time 4XMotion all-wheel In today’s Touareg, the drive is to the front and rear axles via a box which contains a lockable differential and a two-speed range On the Touareg V6 TSI Hybrid this is by a lighter Torsen differential to the one Audi uses on the Q7.

All the traditional of the Touareg are fully preserved, as its optimal properties as a towing

Other changes compared to the Touareg

Various components been redeveloped to retain all the convenience and safety-related functions of the Touareg in the Touareg V6 TSI Hybrid. For the prototype has electro hydraulic steering, which does not to rely on a servo pump by the internal combustion engine. In a high voltage air conditioning guarantees comfortable interior on the Touareg V6 TSI Hybrid, even the V6 engine is switched off.

of an alternator, the DC/DC converter in the power electronics ensures a supply of power to the vehicle system.

The 8-speed automatic transmission was specifically tuned for hybrid Among other things, it a special torque converter larger lock-up system, an electric oil pump (to maintain a of oil when the V6 TSI is switched off), a heater to reach optimal temperature faster, and a modified controller.

Car is started by electric

The E-motor now takes over the of engine starter motor. job is especially challenging, since of the V6 TSI must be executed with a degree of smoothness and precision to comfortable transitions between the modes of propulsion. As soon as the is to be restarted, the transmission’s lock-up converter is put in the “Slip” position and the speed is increased to a setpoint prescribed by the transmission controller.

then does the engine receive an enable to actuate the clutch.

The E-motor “drags the V6 TSI by subsequent engagement of the clutch as soon as the cylinders fill, the is started by enabling of injection and The E-motor’s torque is increased by the of the momentary torque transferred by the clutch during the drag and after the internal combustion has started it is reduced again in to the increase in engine torque. positive engagement occurs at the clutch, the lock-up torque is engaged again.

All of this complicated, and it is complicated, but the system in such a way that the driver and are completely unaware of its contribution to progress. And that is just how should be.

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