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Where Money Flows, and Infrastructure Trade Follows – Critical Power Market and Resources, Generator, Solar, Methane Wind Power Leads plus Global Construction Project News for the preceding 10/28

What’s Up in Power Use Markets for On-Site Generator Renewable Energy as of

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week I plan to post as I see it on the direction of Specific Industry that I believe have a need for backup electrical . Resources for these Industry are also located in alphabetical within the left hand of my Blog-Site .

10/28/11 United — Section 179 Tax Deduction Remember the last 2 Months of the can be great months by selling the of BUY NOW and DEDUCT NOW via Section 179: Read Section 179 for at a glance

10/27/11 United — EPA vs. R.I.C.E. Generators for Programs — Electric will get another opportunity to the Environmental Protection Agency the key role small backup play in controlling demand for at peak times.

EPA informed on Oct. 18 that it will its proposed limitations on the use of reciprocal combustion engines, known as units, for peak-shaving programs. The said more details the reconsideration will be forthcoming. had petitioned EPA in October 2010 to a provision in the RICE rules it said would curtail the use of generators for important load-reduction at many co-ops — Co-op Today: Read

10/27/11 United States Geothermal Markets — Now a new Study viewable on Google reveals that some of the regions for future geothermal are in the eastern two-thirds of the U.S. The indicates opportunities for more businesses to start up or expand The study was funded by philanthropic branch, in partnership Southern Methodist University — Triple Pundit: More

10/27/11 United — The US economy grew at an rate of 2.5% in the third of this year, according to from the US Commerce Department BBC — Read More

Brazil, South America Sewer Water Market The provision of water and sanitation by private companies in Brazil triple by 2020, the president of water and sewerage concessionaires Abcon, Paulo Roberto de told BNamericas — News Americas: Read

10/25/11 Africa — will Africa be like in — What does the hold for Africa in 50 years’ The African Development Bank and the French Agency for Development has been looking far into the to explore what the continent be like in 2060. They looked at population trends, trends and challenges, climate natural resources and the prospects for integration — AfDB: More — Download 74 PDF Report prepared by the AfDB: in 50 Years’ Time – The Road Inclusive Growth

10/24/11 — Ranking of World — The International Finance and World Bank released a on the ease of doing business. are ranked on their ease of business, from 1 – 183. A ranking on the ease of doing index means the regulatory is more conducive to the starting and of a local firm.

This averages the country’s percentile on 10 topics, made up of a variety of giving equal weight to topic. The rankings for all economies are to June 2011 — Bank: View Ranking for Country

10/21/11 Global G20 Development Conference in Paris Solutions for a New World — au Centre de conférences ministériel que tenue, le 21 octobre 2011 à la Conférence de haut niveau sur le avec comme thème. G20 des solutions pour un nouveau Quatre ateliers, notamment sur la alimentaire, avec comme Pierre Jacquet, économiste en de l’AFD, l’investissement dans les qui a vu la participation de Dov Zerah, DG de l’AFD, la sociale pour tous, et les innovants, ont animé cette après la cérémonie d’ouverture par le Président de la République — Lire la Suite en français

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Articles about Businesses, Counties and/or Countries the Purchase of a Generator, Methane, Thermal or Wind Power – 10/28/11

Where possible or Agency Names are Hyperlinked, so you may contact information. You can locate and County Websites under Market Resources” and “Yellow Worldwide” on my: Blog Site there you can navigate to each Department and possible Contacts.

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10/28/11 Accra, Western Africa — The Abattoir Company Limited has reviewed its strategy under GH₵2.8 million has been by shareholders to implement an action to make the company more to lead the meat industry in Dr Osei Agyeman-Bonsu, the Board of AACL, said the AACL also construct Biogas to replace the waste management to the cost of gas as well as electrical to provide business continuity and procure and install cold facility — GNA: More

10/28/11 Lake FL — If all goes well, the could have a fire by Eagle Ridge Mall year. Plans would include a garage large for one fire engine and a rescue truck and a back-up generator in of disaster — News Read More

10/27/11 AL — Alabama Gov. Bentley spoke at the groundbreaking Oct. 25 for Westervelt Renewable new pellet mill in Aliceville, the facility’s contribution to job growth and the effect those new jobs have on families in the community. The Co . is a sustainable forest management practices organization, and is also a 7-megawatt biomass power at its sawmill in nearby Hale — BioMass Power Read More

10/27/11 County, NC — Permits by Catawba County show Apple . the computer titan has approved to reshape the slope of of the 171 acres of vacant land it on Startown Road, opposite the center, to prepare for building a farm — Charlotte Read More

10/27/11 Clackamas County, OR The Clackamas River Water approved two measures to expedite the to install a new emergency generator at its plant — The Oregonian: More

10/27/11 Dobrogea, Southeastern Europe — The is considering providing an A/B loan of up to € 92 to finance the construction and operation of 80 MW wind farm located in region. The construction is expected to at the beginning of 2012,and full is expected to take place the first quarter of 2013. is the developer of the Chirnogeni wind and a member company of the Paraskevaides based in Cyprus. — Read More

10/27/11 Springs, MO — Phelps Public Water Supply No. 1’s water system improvement was made possible by a $140,000 from USDA Rural and a $650,000 low-interest loan. improvements include construction of an storage facility, installation of a of parallel lines, the addition of controls, the purchase of a backup and fencing for the well and tank — The Rolla Daily Read More

10/27/11 County, KY — Knox Court agreed to provide an generator to the city hall, the fire department and the Barbourville Commission — Times-Tribune: More

10/27/11 Munster, IN A ground breaking ceremony has held for a landfill gas to energy at the Centennial Park Landfill in Indiana. In partnership with Systems Group (ESG), a owned subsidiary of Indiana energy holding company Corporation, the Munster Redevelopment recently approved development of $4.3 million beneficial-use generation project. The project a GE Jenbacher engine/generator which by landfill gas from the municipally landfill site. The project is to produce approximately 1.1 MW of electricity Waste Management World: More

10/27/11 Newport VA — Newport News at using food waste for fertilizer. Reed Fowler, the public works director the city is also considering an electric generator for the methane gas by the food waste. The power by methane could be used to electric bills at the composting and potentially sell electricity to the power company. The methane gas also be used to help Mary Passage Middle and the new Stoney Run Community Center, the city’s new waste-to-energy plant Daily Press: Read

10/27/11 Russia — The is considering a RUB 8 billion loan to RusHydro to finance balance restructuring of OJSC Energy of the Far East (ESV). Proceeds of the will be used to optimize ESV sheet through refinancing of short term debt. The will allow the Bank to with RusHydro on restructuring of the Far energy system and facilitate of the power sector reform in with a Total Project of RUB 20 billion — EBRD: More

10/27/11 Shippensburg, PA A Shippensburg area dairy is to be producing electricity from its within a year. The U.S. of Agriculture announced Wednesday it is helping to fund a $1.3 bio-digester on Hard Earned . 1317 Ritner Highway Public Opinion: Read

10/27/11 Sindh Province, Southern Asia — The Development Bank (ADB) is a loan to help fund the privately owned wind in Pakistan . Zorlu Enerji Uretim will use the $36.8 loan to install more turbines at the farm, raising output from the current 6 (MW) to a total of 56.4 MW. The is located in southern Sindh 100 kilometers northeast of Pakistan’s hub of Karachi — ADB: More

10/27/11 Taylors MN — Another matter fairly quick attention is the of the generator for Lift Station #1. Kriz, city public superintendent, reported to council the burned out in July. Since time the wastewater lift facility has lost power two

To avoid spillage into the the city then has to hire a truck to remove the accumulation, is costly. The generator needing is 29 years old — Chisago Press: Read More

Tinton Falls, NJ — as one of the largest solar fams in the work on the 100-acre clean project in Tinton Falls Shafto Road will in earnest on Friday with a breaking ceremony. The $80 million project can be accessed at Tormee and will boast 85,000 mounted panels that generate 19.88 mega according to a release from the Tinton Falls Solar LLC, a subsidiary of Zongyi America Co. Ltd. purchased the from Clean Jersey for $5.55 million, or $57,000 per according to the CoStar Group Web — Holmdel Patch: More

10/27/11 Western States — U.S. of the Interior Ken Salazar today public a supplement to the federal to facilitate responsible utility-scale development on public lands in six states – Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah BLM: Read More

Colts Neck Township, NJ Township Administrator Bob Bowden options to the committee in regard to a The options included obtaining a which would supply to keep the entire building lit as it be lit under normal circumstances; a generator that would enough electricity to keep hall’s sump pumps or tapping into the police generator — News Read More

10/26/11 Longmeadow, MA — The Community Advisory Committee plans to with officials in Agawam to a request for a $900,000 Community Block Grant. If the communities are they will split the evenly, leaving each with $450,000. Proposed include $186,000 for housing $82,00 for a back-up power for the senior center, $78,000 for Authority Improvements, $44,000 for an with Disabilities Act transition which Hellyer said the desperately needs, and $60,000 for administration — The Republican: More

10/26/11 Jenkins GA — The Jenkins County Department has been approved for a grant from the Georgia Management Agency to be used to a portable generator — The News: Read More

Kingston, MA — State Secretary Richard Davey and high-ranking state and local gathered for a ceremonial groundbreaking at the site for the new $2.5 million, 100kW, wind turbine just north of the Kingston commuter rail station. The contract for the wind turbine was to SPS New England in August. Construction is to immediately — Patriot Read More

10/26/11 Ontario, Canada — council has given chief officer Frank Miele the light to prepare an agreement Belize-based Partners Energy (PEG) to build a $46 million facility on municipally owned Miele tried to reassure that although the initial calls for a 10 megawatt facility to be on municipally owned land, the of the system would allow for a project with three or megawatt generating capacity could expand as the need — The Sun Times: Read

10/26/11 St. Charles, LA — for a new St. Charles Parish community have come in about $1 over budget and parish are waiting to see bids for an emergency center deciding on whether to the size of the center and add a generator The Times-Picayune: Read More

Crown Point, IN — officials awarded a contract for a $1 million sewer system project to the Chicago Heights, firm Gaskill Walton Co. The project includes installing two larger pumps at the Willow lift station, replacing at the Broadway and Madison Street stations and adding new backup at lift stations at Union and Ann and at Jackson and Clark streets NWI Times: Read More

Lagos, Nigeria, Western — Sparkle Energy has it planned to build a $10 billion Gas-fired Power Plant Sparkle Power Plant, is to become the largest gas-fired plant in Nigeria. Making the in a document made available to Groot Property Group Ltd it floated the firm (Sparkle in partnership with some Nigerian entrepreneurs and scholars in the United States, and a Nigerian for the development of the power project. The said the project, with a budget of $10 billion was designed to power up to 5 million homes in — This Day Live: More

10/25/11 Roanoke, VA Roanoke-based Fountain Quail Management LLC announced Tuesday it has developed a new portable system for the wastewater created during the oil and gas process. The Rover system can fit on a by 55-foot area and runs off power if utility access is not the company said in a news — Dallas Business Read More

10/25/11 MA — A Generator at $40,000 for the Department was up for a vote Monday GateHouse News Service: More

10/25/11 Wooster, OH The state Controlling Board has off on more than $1.2 for parks improvement projects, two in Ashland and Holmes counties. In business Monday, lawmakers $16,500 for improvements at Fisher at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Center in Wooster. According to This project will the addition or renovation of the fire systems, emergency exit systems, chemical fume and emergency generator systems in the Services Building, Gerlaugh Physical Plant, Selby and Williams Hall, as well as upgrades in Gerlaugh Hall and Hall, among other — The Daily-Record: Read

10/24/11 Dighton, MA — a total of 134 voters in attendance, decided through a Special Meeting on Monday to affirm two steps toward the construction of a new police station. Some passing votes included a for $35,000 from free to replace a fire station — Taunton Daily Read More

10/24/11 New MA — The city of New Bedford, has announced plans to install panels at up to 20 city properties—schools, buildings and land parcels—as of a $40 million initiative that ultimately generate 10 megawatts of enough to power about homes — Energy Read More

10/24/11 Island, New Zealand, South — New Zealand-based Tangaroa said the $312,000 grant it from the Government this would be used on a year-long of a Langlee E1 – a floating structure uses horizontal wave to harness the ocean’s energy – a 20kW generator — The Times: Read More

Brasher Falls, NY — The St. Central School District Stephen M. Putman told board members that now was the to act in case Gov. Andrew M. changes the way projects are funded.

The project includes removing steam lines and heating in the original building and replacing with more energy-efficient hot units. Diesel electric would be replaced with a gas electric generator used for shaving” of electricity demand school is in session, and which can be used as an emergency generator Watertown Daily Times: More

10/23/11 Dallas PA — Council Authorized Tracey Carr to solicit to repair or replace a back-up for the municipal building — The Post: Read More

East Amwell Township, NJ A proposal to install a backup at the municipal building to make it could operate during a failure is being mulled by the Committee. The budgetary number for a generator came just $88,000, he said, adding a generator of that size power the entire building, lights, heat and air-conditioning Hunterdon County Democrat: More

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News about Business and Governmental Projects or Expansion Plans requiring Backup Emergency or Alternative Energy Power as of 10/28/11

I believe all of these selected have a critical for backup electrical power They may require an Anaerobic Bio-Fuel System, Diesel or Gas Electrical Distribution Components, Solar, Thermal, or Wind Systems. Scroll through the in a descending order by date, alphabetical order by City, and Country for those projects of to you.

Where possible or Agency Names are Hyperlinked, so you may up contact information. You can locate any anywhere under “ Yellow Worldwide ” and locate City and Websites under ‘Governmental Resources on my: Blog Site there you can navigate to each Department and possible Contacts.

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10/28/11 Bridgetown, Caribbean Islands — A has been made to construct a new hospital in Barbados. This was made yesterday by Minister of Donville Inniss as he outlined of the challenges facing the Queen Hospital and policy decisions are being put in place to improve the health care system in While not being able to exact figures, the Minister that in general, a 600-room could cost in excess of million — The Barbados Read More

10/28/11 Bilbao, Spain, Europe — Inbisa diseñará y rehabilitará la nueva del Basque Center for Applied (BCAM) de Bilbao, situada en la Mazarredo, que duplica el espacio de la ubicación en el Parque Tecnológico de (Bizkaia). Los trabajos, con un importe de 1.250.000 euros, incluyen la demolición interior de las actuales y la realización de nuevas particiones, e instalaciones — Finanzas: Lea Más en

10/28/11 Blumenau, Brazil Brazilian construction companies Bahia and SulBrasil have off a 320mn-real (US$190mn) sanitation in Santa Catarina state’s city, Antonio Carlos de Alencar, COO of city water Foz do Brasil, told BNamericas Business News Americas: More

10/28/11 Darby DE — On Thursday, officials in the rain for a ceremonial groundbreaking at the site of the new $1.2 Million Animal Shelter at the Delaware Emergency Service Training in Darby Township — The Read More

10/28/11 KY — Gov. Steve and others participated in a traditional groundbreaking ceremony for the new company, Films . The company is based in and produces specialty films and materials for packaging and printing The first phase of the project be operational by the end of 2012 and includes an square foot facility WDRB: Read More

Gulf of Mexico, USA — of Drilling Permits Subject to Safety and Environmental Requirements in the of Mexico — BSEE: Daily Updated Information

Hollister, MO — Ozarks Community College officials Thursday during a groundbreaking at its new Table Rock Campus the Robert W. Plaster Foundation has a “significant, seven-figure” gift to the the four-story 60,000-square-foot building to be on the Table Rock Campus be named the Robert W. Plaster Enterprise Center — Tri-Lakes News: Read

10/28/11 Hueytown, AL — generations of Concord residents at one of the oldest schools in Jefferson to mark a new beginning for the community in a ceremony for the new 68,000 square-foot Elementary School that open next fall The Birmingham News: Read

10/28/11 Kramatorsk, Donetsk Ukraine, Eastern Europe The European Bank for Reconstruction and is supporting one of Ukraine’s major companies through a US$ 79 million for the modernisation of its entire production Public JSC EnergoMashSpetsStal (EMSS) custom-made parts for wind and power generation units, the industry and shipbuilding. By upgrading all its production facilities and processes, will significantly improve its efficiency and competitiveness, as well as its energy consumption per production by nearly 25 per cent — Read More

10/28/11 Brazil — US flash card producer Sandisk SNDK) is planning an 80mn-real (US$47mn) over eight to set up manufacturing facilities in Brazil’s state, according to press — Business News Read More

10/28/11 St. State University, MN — St. State University President H. Potter III was joined Thursday by Mark Dayton to kick off of the $44.8 million Integrated and Engineering Laboratory Facility SC Times: Read More

Bangladesh, Southern Asia Bangladesh and the Asian Development (ADB) have forged a new Partnership Strategy (CPS) for which includes a resource program of around $4.5 ADB’s support will be on six sectors: energy; transport; development; education; agriculture and resources; and finance. In the energy ADB will aim to enhance access to to improve energy efficiency, and to a policy and regulatory setting to private sector participation.

In ADB’s assistance will be at better road and railway for fostering higher growth, and for environment-friendly modes of transport. In the sector, ADB will seek to sustainable safe water and sanitation, to reform selected water supply providers, and to the legal and regulatory framework of the water sector. To ease congestion and overcrowding, ADB will develop satellite towns and sustainable urban transport ADB: Read More

Boston, MA — A groundbreaking was scheduled today for a new $75 million center at 800 Huntington Ave. for the Eye Ear Infirmary — Boston Journal: Read More

Brazil, South America IFC, a member of the World Group, is providing an innovative $50 partial credit guarantee to a IFC client, Construtora Norberto S.A., to support the development of in Brazil and other Latin countries. Across the region, for infrastructure investment and construction has significantly, but the availability of surety insurance has not kept up. In response, IFC has an innovative partial-credit-guarantee facility which the $50 million guarantee allow Construtora Norberto S.A. to obtain up to $250 in surety bonds, directly up to $2 billion in construction contracts in sectors as power, water, ports, airports, and irrigation IFC: Read More

Indiantown, FL — The Army of Engineers, Jacksonville District host a groundbreaking ceremony to the start of another project to the Everglades. The Indian River C-44 Reservoir and Storm Treatment Area groundbreaking will be at 2 p.m. Oct.

28 20654 SW Citrus Blvd. The C-44 project includes the of a 3,400-acre above-ground reservoir and a station and a 6,300-acre storm treatment area — TC Read More

10/27/11 Middle East — has signed a $24m medium facility to finance telecommunications and systems supplied by Nokia Networks — one of the world’s telecommunications equipment suppliers to Asiacell, a mobile operator in The equipment and services supported by financing will allow to continue to upgrade the quality of it provides to customers across as well as to accommodate ongoing in subscriber numbers to the Asiacell — AME Info: Read

10/27/11 Lake Valley, NV Titan Energy Ltd. formerly Westralian Gas Power has acquired 17,000 acres of shale properties in Nevada at a of Land Management lease in Reno — Oil Gas Journal: More

10/27/11 Luleå, Northern Europe — is heading to Swedish Lapland. in the city of Lulea, in the north-east of the make it the perfect location for the media giant’s first data centre. The facility process data from Africa, and the Middle East.

It cover 30,000 square The new centre will be powered by renewable energy and will 70% less generator power BBC: Read More

Manahawkin, NJ — Meridian and Ocean Medical Center donned hard hats and shovels to officially kick off the of the $20 million dollar expansion Our new Emergency Department will be the building project in the history of the Center and when it opens in emergency care for the Southern community will be raised to a new says President Joseph P. — Asbury Park Read More

10/27/11 Pacific Northwest, America — Two Pacific shipyards, Dakota Creek . Anacortes, Wash. and Seaspan . North Vancouver, British snagged big government contracts week — Work Eye: Read Article by Buls

10/27/11 Palo CA — Construction is expected to in January on a new $6.3 million, classroom building at Fairmeadow School — Palo Online News: Read

10/27/11 Pernambuco, Brasil, America — Volkswagen AG is with Brazilian authorities to a 2 billion dollars factory in — the latest foreign looking to raise local after a tax increase on imported — Merco Press: More

10/27/11 Sere South Africa — The Bank’s Board of Executive today approved the following The Eskom Renewables Support loan of $US 250 Million, that to help implement the pioneering and Upington concentrating solar and Sere wind power in South Africa — The Bank: Read More

Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Central — The Inter-American Development (IDB) will provide a of up to $3 million for Fundación José Covelo to establish credit that will enable as as 6,000 Central American in isolated rural communities no access to the electricity grid to buy power systems. The project also provide technical to develop dedicated microfinance to finance the purchase of solar systems tailored for household use in El Salvador and Belize. It will the development of a network of solar suppliers that promote the use of systems through community-based as well as provide quality service and maintenance, including a to recycle rechargeable batteries and and dissemination on how to best use such — IDB: Read

10/27/11 Trinidad Tobago, Islands — Trinidad and will improve environmental and the efficiency of the national Water and Authority (WASA) with a $50 loan approved by the Inter-American Bank (IDB) today. The will target a number of or abandoned wastewater treatment in three sub-catchments draining in the River Basin, in a densely area known as the East-West — IDB: Read

10/26/11 Austin, TX — Lodging . Austin’s largest developer and operator of 20 hotels in the market, broke ground on a 296-room Hyatt Place which is slated to open in 2013 and will be a joint with an affiliate of Hyatt Corporation . One of the fastest growing hospitality, development and management in the country, White Lodging celebrated the addition of its 157th and has an ambitious growth plan to add an 60 properties—including the 1,003 room Convention Hotel—to their portfolio by the end of 2015 — Industry: Read More

Altamira, Mexico, Central — Será en Marzo de cuando DuPont inicie la de la segunda planta o línea de indicó José Piñeyro director de operaciones de la planta. En proyecto se invertirán 500 millones de y se generarán 200 empleos permanentes y mil 500 durante la etapa de la construcción Milenio: Lea Más en Español

10/26/11 GA — The $110 million and construction project at St. Francis will benefit the community the work is finished, said a president with the construction working on the project. After ground-breaking ceremony, Tracy vice president of operations for contractor Skanska USA . said at times there will be workers on site and that 95 of those will be local There will be approximately 40 used — Ledger-Enquirer: More

10/26/11 Edgeworth, PA Esmark Inc. is breaking on a $9 million, class A office that will serve as its headquarters as well as provide spec space for the market CityBiz/Pittsburg Real Estate: More

10/26/11 El Paso, TX The role of the North American Bank (NADB) in the development and of renewable energy projects in the border region will be at the U.S.-Mexico Border Energy XVIII to be held October 27 28, in El Paso, Texas — Read More

10/26/11 Mexico, Central America Después de casi dos años de que la perdió su Central de Bomberos, el entonces alcalde José Ferriz ordenó su demolición la fallida edificación de la Plaza Fe, ayer las autoridades municipales el banderazo de la construcción de las nuevas que serán sustancialmente mejoradas, con una total de 38 millones — Digital: Lea Más en Español

10/26/11 Canyon, Gulf of Mexico The Bureau of Safety and Environmental (BSEE) today approved a permit, originally submitted by BP in 2011, for a new well in deepwater of Mexico. The proposed exploratory is part of BP’s Kaskida located in the Gulf’s Keathley map area approximately 246 miles of Lafayette, LA in 6,034 feet depth. In addition to meeting the rigorous standards, BSEE that BP has met the additional standards it to adhere to in July 2011. voluntary standards include: the use of shear rams and a casing ram on subsea blowout preventers third party verification of BOP and maintenance; and laboratory testing of slurries — BSEE: More

10/26/11 Licking OH — The Licking County approved a resolution Tuesday to a general contractor for a new 911 call Jeff Walker, director of the County Emergency Management said the initial estimate for the project is $1.5 million Newark Advocate: Read

10/26/11 Montevideo, Uruguay, America — The Inter-American Bank (IDB) has approved funding of $42.8 million for the Sanitation Program IV in Uruguay’s of Montevideo, which will the quality of life of some people.The program also enhance environmental quality in the Bay of and the beaches west of the city and the quality of restored beaches in the zone. The project includes and rehabilitation of sewer and storm works, construction of a disposal in the west zone to replace the of multiple raw sewage discharges the Bay of Montevideo — IDB: More

10/26/11 Porto Brasil, South America O grupo automotivo francês PSA Citroën anunciou hoje que vai a um ritmo anual de R$ 575 milhões no de 2012 a 2015 para a capacidade produtiva de sua fábrica em Real – no sul do Rio de Janeiro -, além de novos produtos das duas — Econõmico Valor: mais em Português

10/26/11 Pudahuel, Chile, America — Cial Invertirá US$100 Millones en de Nueva Planta. La construcción de una planta y un centro de distribución es el que ingresó a tramitación ambiental la Cial Alimentos –ligada a la Kassis, que elabora productos marcas como La Preferida, San JK y Winter–, que requerirá una inversión de US$100 millones — Lea Más en Español

10/26/11 Tehachapi, CA Tehachapi’s new hospital moved a closer to ground-breaking with the of a resolution by the board of directors of the Valley Healthcare District on 19. — Tehachapi News: More

10/26/11 United — Agriculture Secretary Tom today announced that is funding anaerobic digester in eight states to encourage energy production, reduce costs and reduce greenhouse gas and farm-based pollution. The announcement was on the Secretary’s behalf by Under for Rural Development Dallas during a trip to Wisconsin USDA — Read of Grants and Loans by Company/Farm

10/25/11 Arlington, VA — A build-to-suit office project for The Co . by developer Monument Realty is set for after clearing a final of hurdles last week CoStar Group: Read

10/25/11 Bahia, Alagoas, Rio de Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, America — The BNDES a credit limit of R$ 2.46 for Braskem S.A. Funds are to support the investment plan of the company in the states of Bahia, Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul. The includes investments for the 2011-2013 amounting to R$ 4.27 billion, implementation, expansion and modernization of acquisition of machinery and equipment, as as social, environmental, technology and investments — BNDES: More

10/25/11 Denton, MD Denton Corporate officials Monday with the Caroline Commissioners, Denton council and others to break ground at the of the Denton Wal-Mart Supercenter on Road about a mile Maryland Route 404 — The Democrat/My Weekly Biz: More

10/25/11 Fort FL — A biorefinery under at the Algenol Biofuels Inc. center south of Fort is expected to produce up to 100,000 of fuel-grade ethanol a year. announced Tuesday that and footings are being built on 36 south of its research facility, north of Alico Road on Lee — Fort Myers Press: Read More

Houston, TX — With a tenant in-hand, Howard Corp. (NYSE: HHC) to begin construction of 3 Waterway Place, a 192,000-square-foot nine-story building proposed in the Waterway District of The Woodlands Town The Woodlands Development Company . by Howard Hughes in June, to complete the building at Lake Drive and Woodloch Forest in early 2013 — Group: Read More

Izmir, Turkey, Southwestern — A ceremony laying the of a petrochemical complex Petkim . in the Azerbaijan State Oil Company of the Republic (SOCAR) . has a share, place today in the Turkish of Izmir. The amount of investment to build the oil refinery will hit billion. and the total capacity, 10 tons. Oil products produced at the will be used to meet and the Turkish domestic market’s as well as countries of the Mediterranean — Trend: Read

10/25/11 Leningrad, Russia Kraft Foods Inc. it would invest more $100 million into its coffee plant until to double production and meet demand for the beverage in the fast-growing The move comes a week Nestle . the world’s biggest group, completed an extension of its plant in Russia’s southern region, which now has become its soluble coffee factory in — Chicago Business/Reuters: More

10/25/11 Moldova, Europe — The Black Sea and Development Bank (BSTDB) its first USD 10 million loan to in Moldova. The proceeds of the loan be used by Moldindconbank to finance Moldovan small and medium-sized (SMEs) — BSTDB: More

10/25/11 Plainview, AL DeKalb County Emergency Agency Director Anthony initially reported in the DeKalb Commission meeting on Tuesday had been no activity regarding the Room Grant, but at about p.m. on Tuesday, he was notified via by the state EMA the grant had been and almost $622,000 is obligated for the — Times-Journal: Read

10/25/11 Querétaro, Mexico, America — Con una inversión a los 100 millones de dólares, Eurocopter la construcción de sus nuevas instalaciones de de aeroestructuras y componentes en el estado de — El Sol de San Luis: Lea Más en Español

West Orange, NJ — Och Academy is seeking approval by the Orange Zoning Board for a $6 expansion of its lower campus on Avenue in West Orange Livingston Patch: Read

10/24/11 Bolivia, South — Bolivia will its drinking water, sanitation and treatment services in rural and small towns with a $20 grant from the Spanish Fund for Water and Sanitation in America and the Caribbean (SFW) and a from the Inter-American Development (IDB) for $20 million. The operation build new water and sanitation as well as expand and improve ones. As a result, 11,200 in rural Bolivia will be with new water connections and sanitation solutions. Bolivia’s towns are also set to benefit the program, with an additional households receiving access to and 9,600 new sewer connections by project completion — Read More

10/24/11 Cuba, Caribbean Islands Cuban Foreign Trade and Minister Rodrigo Malmierca the crucial role of foreign for the development of Cuban Special Zones”. He particularly highlighted the of the port of Mariel expansion (50 west of Havana), where a Development Zone is being and golf real estate The Cuban government apparently to locate the golf resorts in development zone.

So far Brazil has 300 million dollars of the promised 600 for the construction of a 700 metres long plus a railway and highway Mariel with Havana. The cold storage and deposits the dredging of an access canal are undertaken by the Brazilian corporation and a Cuban construction company Merco Press: Read

10/24/11 Mali, Uganda and — The African Development (AfDB) has approved funds USD $124.3 million for ground-breaking of Excellence’ in higher education in Uganda and Rwanda. The CoEs the funds are the Mulago Teaching in Kampala, Uganda (USD million), the Bamako Digital in Mali (USD 22.5 and Carnegie Mellon University in (USD 13 million). The Mulago is funded jointly by the AfDB’s loan’ arm, the African Fund and the AfDB’s Nigeria Fund. The funds for the Bamako and the Carnegie Mellon University are sourced from the African Fund — AfDB: More

10/24/11 Nazca, Ica, South America — Dynacor Gold Mines announced Monday that it to build a second gold ore plant located on the Pan American south of Nazca, Ica, Peru, with an investment of million — Andina: More

10/24/11 Newfoundland Canada — The Government of and Labrador — Department of Trade and Rural Development the Shellfish Aquaculture Working Fund. Receive a loan of up to for your commercially licensed mussel or scallop shellfish or business with an historic to the primary processing of mussels Enterprise Canada: Read

10/24/11 New York, NY — Associates said Monday it has closed a $125 million funded by the issuance of bonds by the New York State Housing Agency that will the construction of The Larstrand, a 20 story building at Broadway and 77th St in — City Biz/New Real Estate: Read

10/24/11 Norte Chico, South America — 570km transmission line set for regions II and III, seen by as the first step toward the of the central SIC and northern SING grids, would offer an solution to the power needs of the mining sector, according to the director of industry association de Chile, Rene Muga. power giant IPR-GDF submitted an EIA for the double-circuit transmission running from Mejillones in II to the city of Copiapó in region III in The firm hopes the line begin operations by 2014, investment in the project slated to some US$500mn — News Americas: Read

10/24/11 Resende, Rio de Janeiro, South America — truck and bus maker MAN will US$570 million in Brazil 2012 to 2016 as it aims to production in Latin America’s market, local media Saturday — The China Read More

10/24/11 AZ — The expansion of a Tempe generator manufacturer will hundreds of jobs and bring of dollars in investment to Arizona, Jan Brewer said Monday. Energy Systems said it to purchase or build a 130,000-square-foot in either Phoenix or Tempe to a new, “green” one-megawatt that uses natural gas or which is produced by fermenting waste — Cronkite Read More

10/23/11 Abeba, Ethiopia, Eastern — The Housing Development Office under the City has received a 4.4 billion Br loan the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia for the construction of 43,000 condominium this year. The condominium planned for this year is the undertaken by the project office in a They will be constructed on 10 sites in the city, including Semit. Yeka, Ayat and Bashawolde Chilot sites to the Housing Development Plan of the for the year.

The construction project be done at a total cost of 5.6 Br. The loan in addition to the 1.2 billion Br over from the last year is to be used, Befekadu deputy manager of the project told Fortune — Fortune: Read More

Cairo, Egypt, Northern — Qatari Diar Estate Investment Company . an leader in sustainable development, a contract with Consolidated Company today with a worth of more than for its projects in Cairo and Sharm El The contract allots $464.3m to the Nile Corniche project in and $79.5m to its coastal resort in Sharm El Sheikh — AME Read More

10/23/11 District, Peru, South — Australian mineral company Metminco Limited has mineralization from surface to depths of about 2000 from drilling at Los Calatos and molybdenum project in Peru. The said that the results are the project as world class. drill rigs are currently on site with a further rig being requested in order to the completion of the Phase 3 drill — Andina: Read

10/22/11 Addis Ababa, Eastern Africa — ABB . a power and automation technology has won orders worth around USD 26 from the Ethiopian Electric Corporation (EEPCo), the national utility, to extend and upgrade existing transmission substations in the region of the country — The Ethiopia: Read More

Indiana, USA — Lt. Governor Skillman has announced the awards for two related grant programs. companies will divide $1.7 million as part of the Hoosier Industrial Power grant program, and three will make nearly in fleet vehicle conversions as of an Alternative Fuel Vehicles program. Both grant use federal funds administered the Indiana Office of Energy — Inside Indiana Read List and Details

Nepal, Southern Asia Export-Import Bank of India Bank] has, at the behest of of India, extended a Line of [LOC] of USD 250 million to the Government of for financing infrastructure projects as highways, airports, bridges, roads, railways and hydropower in Nepal — EXIM India: Read More

Peachtree City, GA — America is pleased to announce it invest approximately $25 million to a new research and development center its corporate headquarters in Peachtree Georgia. Plans for the new facility, will create 300 jobs, announced as Georgia Governor Deal visited the main of SANY Group in Changsha, — SANY: Read

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Volkswagen E Up! Electric Car 60kW Auto 5dr / Electric (av UK mix)
Volkswagen E Up! Electric Car 60kW Auto 5dr / Electric (av UK mix)

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