Volswagen Jetta Recall Information VW Recalls and Problems

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Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid

Volkswagen Jetta Recall

NEWS: Volkswagen is recalling 2013-2014 Jetta Hybrid POWER TRAIN

Report Date: NOV 14, 2013

NHTSA Number: 13V568000

Component(s): TRAIN

Potential Number of Affected: 3,837

DECEMBER — Volkswagen Group of Inc (Volkswagen) is recalling certain year 2013-2014 Jetta vehicles manufactured October through October 2013 and with a DQ-200 direct-shift Due to gearbox fluid additives, the module within the gearbox may The deposits from this may cause an electrical short and in a stall-like condition.

This loss of power while increases the risk of a crash.

will notify owners, and will replace the gearbox oil a non-corrosive version, free of The recall began on December 6, Volkswagen’s recall number is

Owners may also contact the Highway Traffic Safety Vehicle Safety Hotline at (TTY 1-800-424-9153), or go to www.safercar.gov.


NEWS: VW 80,000 Tiguan SUVs and Hybrids

NOVEMBER 2013 Volkswagen AG is recalling more 80,000 vehicles in North for electrical issues.

The German told the National Highway Safety Administration it is issuing two new for separate electrical issues, more than 78,000 Tiguan SUVs in the United and Canada because a fuse may and melt that could a partial loss of exterior

Owners will be notified month and dealers will the fuse with an upgraded The recall includes 62,155 SUVs in the United States and in Canada.

Earlier this NHTSA opened an investigation 61,000 Tiguan SUVs of complaints about exterior Agency officials said received 26 complaints about or complete loss of exterior in the 2009-11 VW Tiguan.

“The suggest the problem worsens time with additional lighting malfunctioning as the problem Most of the complaints report an overheated and melted fuse in the fuse box,” the NHTSA

An owner in October told that, when driving 60 the headlights and tail lights intermittently on the 2011 SUV. The replaced the main fuse on the vehicle with 35,000 Another owner told that, after starting the the lights failed and a dealer the fuse box had melted and it would $630 to repair.

The owner the dealer couldn’t guarantee it happen again.

VW is also 3,837 2013-2014 Jetta cars in the United States the internal gearbox lead may rust because of fluid If rust deposits gather electrical wiring, a short in the supply can result in blown fuses and the failure of the gearbox pump. The vehicle may lose but can coast to a stop, VW said.

No failures have been in the United States, but VW said have been reported in foreign markets the company is a worldwide recall to address the

VW will notify owners month and will replace the gearbox oil with a new mineral-based


2011 — Volkswagen is certain model 2009-2012 and Jetta Sportwagen vehicles, from May 2008 through 2011, model year Volkswagen Golf vehicles, from May 2009 through 2011, and model year Audi A3 vehicles, manufactured September 2009 through 2011, that are equipped a 2.0L TDI common rail engine/clean diesel engine. The injection pulses could with the natural frequency of the line #2, in specific load and rpm This resonance creates stress in the fuel line.

Due to the condition, injector line 2 could develop small which could lead to leakage. Leaking fuel in the of an ignition source, may lead to a Volkswagen will install an fuel injector line for the 2 cylinder on certain vehicles and install vibration dampers on all of the lines.

Volkswagen and Audi notify owners to have the repaired free of charge. The recall is expected to begin November 2011. 11V-490

NEWS — October 6, Volkswagen is recalling 168,275 equipped with diesel because of a defect in the fuel system that could fuel leaks and fires.

The affects certain 2009-2012 midsize cars, and some through 2012 Golf cars, as well as some A3 models from the 2010 2012 model years, the Highway Traffic Safety said Thursday on its website. All are with 2-liter TDI diesel

Cracks can develop in the fuel system and cause fuel to possibly causing fires, VW in documents filed with safety regulators.

However, the said in the documents that it know of any fires, crashes or caused by the problem.

Fuel squirt fuel into the where it is ignited. The resulting pushes the pistons, which to power the cars. On some of the VW a vibration given off by the injectors can stress that eventually can to cracks in the injector fuel VW said.

Volkswagen will replace a injector line in some and install dampers to cut the vibrations on all of The repairs will be made of charge. The recall is expected to in November, NHTSA said.

The includes 161,144 Golf and models and another 7,131 A3s.

The Jettas, including were made from May through September of 2011, the Golfs were made May of 2009 through September of The A3 models were made September of 2009 through of 2011.

About 20 percent of the built during those periods will need to fuel lines replaced, and all the vehicles will get the vibration VW said.

More than 20 of the Volkswagens sold in the U.S. diesel engines.


NEWS: VW recalls Jettas to fix long tailpipes

NEWS — September 12, Volkswagen is recalling more 30,000 Jetta sedans the 2011 and 2012 model because the tailpipes can stick out too far and people.

The National Highway Safety Administration says on its that stainless steel pipe tips installed at of entry and dealerships can stick out than the factory-installed tailpipes.

If the are hot, people could be on the legs.

Documents on the website say received complaints of burns in and began investigating. Volkswagen Monday that fewer 10 people have complained of but a specific number wasn’t

Dealers will inspect the to see if the exhaust tips are too long and them free of charge if

SEPTEMBER 2011 — is recalling certain model 2011-2012 Jetta sedan manufactured from March 18, through August 22, 2011. vehicles had a stainless steel tip installed at the port during These exhaust tips may beyond the original length of the exhaust pipes.

It is possible for contact to occur with a leg. If the tailpipe extension is hot inadvertent contact, a burn occur. Dealers will and replace the stainless steel tips as necessary free of

The safety recall is expected to during November 2011.

SEPTEMBER 2011 — is recalling certain stainless exhaust tips, Part 1K0 071 910 U, sold as accessory equipment for use on year 2011-2012 Jetta vehicles manufactured from 18, 2010, through August 22, These exhaust tips may beyond the original length of the exhaust pipes. It is possible for contact to occur with a leg. If the tailpipe extension is hot inadvertent contact, a burn occur. Dealers will and replace thestainless steel tips as necessary free of

The safety recall is expected to during November 2011. safety recall number is 11E-036

MARCH 2011 Volkswagen is recalling certain year 2011 Jetta manufactured from March through March 2011. vehicles may have an electrical and fuse layout where the box is protected by the same fuse by the signal horn and the anti-theft system. Should that be blown, the converter box will be from the power supply in turn, will shut off such as the engine management lighting system, and wipers.

this happen while the is being driven, the engine stall, or the headlights or wipers turn off unexpectedly, potentially to a crash without warning. will notify owners sufficient quantities of repairs are available. Dealers will the wiring for the horn and the theft horn from the power of the converter box and route the wires to fuses to correct the condition of charge.

The safety recall is to begin during May 2011.

NEWS: VW recalls about Jettas for Horn wiring

YAHOO NEWS — 11, 2011 Volkswagen AG’s unit recalled more 71,000 Jetta sedans due to a in the wiring system controlling the car that can cause the car to stall, a spokeswoman said on Monday.

The layout that controls the also controls the converter which governs the engine system, lighting system and

In very rare circumstances, an short in the horn could a short in the converter box and could the vehicle stall, VW spokeswoman.

VW said in a statement that Jettas for the model year are affected by the recall. VW said have been no reported and accidents related to this

The Jettas were built March 2010 and March


NEWS: Volkswagen more than 228,000 in US

YAHOO NEWS — 15, 2010 Volkswagen has recalled than 228,000 vehicles in the States amid fears faults could cause the engines to catch fire.

The carmaker recalled Jetta, Sportwagen, Golf and Rabbit manufactured between 2007 and due to a small plastic tab that cause a leak in the fuel The National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) said in a

VW further recalled the New Beetle and New convertible vehicles equipped 2.5 liter engines made 2006 and 2010, which a clamp in the power steering that could also the fuel supply line.

If occurs, there is the potential for a leak to develop. Fuel in the presence of an ignition source, result in fire, the NHTSA

Some 228,236 cars be affected by the recall, it said.



Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid


DECEMBER 2010 — is recalling certain model 2006-2010 Jetta, New Beetle, New Convertible, model year Jetta Sportwagen and model 2007-2009 Rabbit vehicles with 2.5L engines. The Jetta Sportwagen, and Rabbit may have a small plastic tab on the windshield washer fluid that may chafe against an fuel supply line. The new and the new beetle convertible vehicles may a fastening clamp on a hydraulic of the power steering system may be located in an improper position could cause chafing an underhood fuel supply

If chafing occurs, there is the for a fuel leak to develop. leakage, in the presence of an ignition could result in a fire. will inspect and if necessary the underhood fuel line. depending on the vehicle model, will either remove the tab from the windshield washer reservoir, or inspect the position of the clamp and adjust the related clamp into the correct

This service will be free of charge. The safety is expected to begin on or before 31, 2011 10V-621

AUGUST — Volkswagen is recalling model year 2009 and passenger cars manufactured September 2008 and August The wiring harness of a temperature in the direct shift gearbox may have connector wires were insufficiently crimped. insufficiently crimped connector a temperature sensor has the potential to detect a high gearbox oil causing the transmission to abruptly to neutral. If this happens, the lever position indicator the instrument panel will In addition, the Depress Brake indicator light will be alerting the driver to apply the

The abrupt shift to neutral lead to a crash without Volkswagen will notify inspect the DSG and, if necessary, an affected DSG temperature sensor of charge. The manufacturer has not yet provided a schedule. 09V-333

August 20, — Yahoo News WASHINGTON Volkswagen of America is 13,500 vehicles to fix problems a dual-clutch transmission that lead to a warning on the dashboard.

The recall affects 2009 year and a limited number of Jetta, Jetta SportsWagen, GTI and Eos built between September and August 2009. Volkswagen some of the vehicles could a faulty temperature sensor in the which could lead to the lamp lighting up on the dashboard. said in rare cases, the could shift into

MAY 2009 — Volkswagen is 25,594 MY 2006-2009 Jetta 5th equipped with 2.01 The fastening screw contact on the driveshaft cover plate may not been manufactured to factory Some screws may not have torqued properly during and could loosen over causing a knocking sound the vehicle is in motion. The driveshaft could loosen to the point the driveshaft detaches from the If the vehicle is moving when happens, the detached driveshaft cause damage the gearbox

A damage gearbox housing leak gearbox oil onto the and create a risk of a vehicle for both the driver and other Dealers will inspect the screws and replace the screws of charge. The recall is expected to on or before June 19, 2009. O

SEPTEMBER 2007 — VW is 340,000 MY 2005-2008 Jetta and MY Rabbit, GTI, and R32 vehicles for to comply with the requirements of Motor Vehicle Safety No. 108, Lamps, Reflective and Associated Equipment. Some may not have had a required cap installed disables the headlight horizontal aim and vehicles may contain a cap that the vertical aiming screw. can inhibit proper headlamp aim for roadway illumination.

Improperly headlamps could cause road visibility, increasing the of a crash. Dealers will for the presence of a cap in the socket of the low beam aiming screw and install one if and inspect for the presence of a cap in the socket of the aiming screw and if present, the cap be removed. The recall is expected to on or about October 31, 2007.

recall was the subject of an investigation, conducted by the Office of Vehicle Compliance. 07V442

Detroit — July 8, 2007 Volkswagen AG is recalling 2006 cars with 2.5-liter engines in the United States a tab on the windshield-wiper fluid container can rub a fuel line, possibly a leak and fire, Bloomberg reported.

The recall will about 58,900 cars and begin in August, the National Traffic Safety Administration on its Web site. Dealers will the plastic tab on the fluid reservoir if necessary, replace the fuel Volkswagen told the agency, reported.

NEWS: Volkswagen recalls 800,000 cars

Defective lights on Golf, GTI, New Beetle and R32 are a potential safety and should be replaced.

February 26, — NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) Around 800,000 Volkswagen have been recalled because of faulty brake the National Highway Traffic Administration said.

The 790,000 include Jettas, New Beetles, GTIs and R32s. all in the United

The specific years and models are:

1999-2005 Jetta

2001-2005 Jetta wagons

New Beetle

2003-2007 New Beetle

1999-2006 Golfs and GTIs


The malfunctioning brake lights and light switches could to come on or remain stuck on.

recall expands on one announced by No. 1 carmaker last year, 362,000 Jettas and New Beetles recalled due to the same defective

Volkswagen said that will immediately be prepared to service appointments to perform the at no charge, but the notification process scheduled to begin until

NHTSA did not say if any injuries had been linked to the defective brake

NEWS: VW recalls 362,000

May 26, 2006, — DETROIT — Volkswagen AG is recalling cars in the United States a brake light switch may according to U.S. safety

The models involved include the sedan from 1999-2002 years, Jetta III from model years and the New Beetle 1998-2002 model years, Highway Traffic Safety said on its Web site on Friday.

May 26, — Volkswagen AG will 362,000 Jettas and New Beetles for failures, the NHTSA said.

The recall covers 1999 2002 Jettas and 1998 2002 New Beetles, the agency A brake-light switch may not have properly installed during recalls in 2003 and 2004, and the either don’t work or on all the time.

Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid
Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid
Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid
Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid
Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid
Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid
Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid
Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid

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