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Where Are Volkswagen Cars A Volkswagen Car FAQ

Volkswagen cars are now all across the globe, but Golf, and GTI models are still made in the home town of Wolfsburg,

Volkswagen cars come a manufacturing company based in Lower Saxony, Germany. It was established in 1933, and has since into a huge multinational with factories in Europe, America, South America, and Africa. Volkswagen vehicles are being manufactured in all of those but not all factories can make every Volkswagen model. So the availability of Volkswagen model in each varies.

The following is a brief of some major regions of the in terms of which Volkswagen are made there.


Throughout North America, are a large number of Volkswagen plants, so there is a wide of different Volkswagen models being manufactured there. American Volkswagen models the City Golf, the City the CrossFox, the Derby, the Eos, the the Gol, the GTI, the Jetta the Jetta MkV, the Jetta the Lubo, the New Beetle, the New Beetle the Passat, the Passat Wagon, the CC, the Rabbit, the Routan, the Sportvan, the and the Toureg. Not all of these models are in all countries in North America, but are more easily available shipping is overland.


has even more Volkswagen than North America, so it manufactures a wide variety of Volkswagen models, including the Life, the Eos, the Fox, the Mk6, the Golf Plus, the Mk5, the Multivan, the New Beetle, the Mk6, the Phaeon, the Polo the Scirocco, the Sharan, the Touran, the the Toureg and the Volkswagen Routan. is a great place to buy any of these

What’s the Highest Rated Sedan?

The Volkswagen car in the form of a is wide and varied. There are different cars and trim to choose from if you’re for a 4-door family-sized car from German auto manufacturer. The Passat and the Volkswagen Jetta are the two rated of the sedan options. models like the Jetta are especially popular amongst with the budget available to a sportier version of this vehicle.

Read on for a brief of the Passat and the Jetta, the two most Volkswagen sedan vehicles on the today.

Volkswagen Passat

The Passat came to replace the as Volkswagen’s highest selling when it was first manufactured and to the public during the model 1973. Since then, the has undergone numerous redesigns and but it has always retained its traditional design. Recently, Volkswagen a coupe version of the Passat as but this is marketed under the Passat CC.

The Volkswagen Passat has consistently had one of the powerful sedan engines on the for its time. With each of the six redesigns of the Passat frame and the manufacturer upgraded the standard to match the standards of the contemporary car Most Passats come with at least a 2.0-liter I4 though many of them larger and more powerful than that.

The Passat is a car and is not intended as a prime luxury Still, there are luxury available in different trim of this popular sedan. As has advanced, so too has the design of the interior and the featured in the Passat. Passats standard with keyless today, climate control, system and more.

Additional include leather seats, sound system and a DVD entertainment for the rear seats.


The Volkswagen Jetta began its as a variant of the Golf, but with trunk space and a slight redesign. At this point it is larger than that. each subsequent redesign of the over the years, it has gradually more sedan-like and closer to the of the Passat.

The Jetta still a unique design feel and hatchback inspired approach the Passat. These two cars are distinguishable to this day.

The also comes with a of different trim options, the sporty Jetta Sportwagen that features a powerful and a host of luxury amenities. the Jetta is a popular choice of car for that intend to carry amounts of luggage or several in the vehicle at once. It is spacious to hold a good amount of or other cargo.

What’s the Cost of a Volkswagen Convertible?

If you are in buying a used Volkswagen check out the convertible. You may be interested to how mileage can affect the pricing of makes and models of these rag-tops. A used Volkswagen car with a low number of miles on the will almost always a higher price than one has been driven for more all other factors and variables are the same.

Mileage not only average sales price, but the average trade in value and party sales value of a VW Here’s how the number of miles on the of a particular vehicle can cause it to be more or less money.

of Pricing for a VW Convertible

In order to you how mileage directly affects the of these types of vehicles, provide sample pricing for a 2001 Volkswagen sports car For our example, look at the 2001 Cabrio GLX 2-door convertible. particular model is no longer by Volkswagen.

However, it is still a very vehicle on many used car

We’ll assume that the is in excellent condition, has been maintained and had only one owner. information for our example comes the Kelley Blue Book Guide, and is for a 2001 Cabrio being sold in the Southeastern States. Pricing will slightly in other parts of the

However, for our example, pricing this region should be than sufficient.

The Configuration

The Cabrio GLX convertible comes with standard VW accessories and for this model. With the GLX level, the 2001 Cabrio with following standard and options:

4 cylinder 2.0 liter

Automatic transmission

Power and door locks

Air conditioning


Tilt wheel


AM/FM/Cassette Stereo

front and side airbags


Leather seats


As configured for the purposes of our vehicle, the car not come with any additional accessories, improvements or options may affect the value. In determining the difference of identically equipped GLX vehicles, we’ll consider the of miles on the odometer to be the only that should be noted.

The Data

Assuming that all equipment, options and other for the vehicle are the same, the difference in for vehicles with varying on the odometer are as follows:

2001 GLX (mileage: 50,000 miles)

suggested retail value:

Average trade-in value:

Average private party price: $5,905

2001 GLX (mileage: 85,000 miles)

suggested retail value:

Average trade-in value:

Average private party price: $5,230

2001 GLX (mileage: 150,000 miles)

suggested retail value:

Average trade-in value:

Average private party price: $3,905

How Do I Buy a Volkswagen

Before you jump right in to Volkswagen cars and an import abroad to bring into the States, it’s crucial you are aware of some facts and that you take when you buy a car in fashion. There are a few ways of around the risks of damage to the faulty advertising and expensive Read on for some of the tips every Jetta import or Beetle import purchaser keep in mind before his or her vehicle.

If possible, hire a One of the most important parts of a car is inspecting the car for signs of prior and test driving the vehicle to be that it works properly and is a fit. Unfortunately, this is not to be possible if you’re importing a from another country. If at all you should have a trusted or acquaintance in the country of the vehicle’s test drive the vehicle and it before you agree to the purchase.

However, if this isn’t either, the next best is to drive a model of the same car in country first. This at least give you a sense of how particular type of vehicle and is constructed before you complete negotiations.

Deal with early. Expect to pay customs tax for the vehicle that you purchase and import into the United These fees may be required of you by the country of origin and the country of as well.

The best way to ensure your car isn’t held in is to research the customs procedures you begin to buy a car. Make that you’ve filled out the paperwork and applications. With information handy, you’ll be prepared to get your vehicle customs as quickly as possible and having to wait for weeks or months.

Beware of taxes. important thing to keep in is that many countries different types of taxes on than the United States. you may end up having to pay even more for the import vehicle that you buy you expected. VAT, or Value Tax, is very popular in countries and can add quite a bit to the total of a car.

Research the taxes in the of origin to be sure that you exactly how much the car will you.

Ensure the car arrives Perhaps most importantly, you hire a good car transport to protect the car as it travels to your This will ensure the vehicle reaches you without any

Ask a dealer or professional for more with buying an import

How Can I Find Information About Rebates?

If you are searching for a deal on a car, specifically a convertible for you should be aware of any upcoming that might be offered on a model. Using available information and news about vehicles, as it becomes available, is an way of making sure that you pay too much for your next VW So, here is a an easy to follow that will help you sure you are always on top of any deals, or rebates that might in the futureso that you can plan VW purchase and save the most possible.

Create an E-Mail Alert

If you use the popular Google site to view news then keeping up with the VW rebates is a snap. Simply the Google News and type the term Volkswagen Rebates or VW You will then be shown a of relevant news articles.

At the bottom of the page there be a link that will you to create an email alert for rebates.

Click the link and the on screen instructions for having sent to you via email any time are news articles that to VW rebates. You will find these alerts can be an invaluable of timely information that help you save money on next VW convertible purchase.

to an RSS Feed

RSS (Really Simple is another excellent way of receiving updates about almost VW rebates. In fact, Volkswagen it easy to sign up for RSS feed at their media website. On site, you can register to receive an RSS which you can use to receive the latest and offerings from VW.

Follow VW

Through a search engine, forums that contain and posts regarding popular VW convertibles. Once you have a couple of active forums, as a member and subscribe to receive via email to certain message that discuss VW rebates. is an excellent way to find unadvertised and rebates that might not be in other places.

Members and on these types of sites are very in tune with type of deals are available and to share their knowledge other forum members.

Up for VW Enthusiast Newsletters

Look for VW websites. If the site has a newsletter make sure to sign up to a copy periodically via email. will also help you abreast of any deals or rebates might be available, as the publishers of sites are usually very at keeping their newsletter advised on money-saving VW deals.

if the newsletters don’t contain on rebates, they will other valuable news can assist you in your search for the VW of your dreams.

How Do I Get the Best on a Volkswagen Minivan?

Among cars, the minivan (also as a microbus or a hippie van) was popular in the counter culturemovement of the and 70s. The minivan price from $25,000 to $42,900 and with the specifications of different It’s possible to get good deals if you do your research and quotes from different

How to Get the Best Deal on a VW Minivan

The way is to go online and get quotes from dealers. Take advantage of the to get the best price. You could use the help of an online quote tool that allows you to the best price offered by dealers in your area.

You determine the fair price of the You can do this by finding out the invoice This is the price at which the purchases the vehicle. Subsequently, an offer that’s at least less than the invoice

If the manufacturer is offering the dealer any or incentives, negotiate your even further. Although isn’t the price you will end up it’s always best to a first offer that high.

Find out the current offered on the minivan of your If you decide to take the rebate, let the dealer convince you that the best deal you can get. around for new car quotes from at three dealerships before you a choice.

Minivan incentives can you buy your VW minivan at a lower These are secret cash offered by the factory to the dealer, and can be as high as $2,000 to $5,000. will often give up of these incentives to reach sales target.

To find information on dealer incentives, the Kelley Blue Book and

If you do your research well and use techniques, you can get the VW minivan of your at a much lower price that first quoted by the

Related Questions and Answers

Are the Most Popular Volkswagen SUV

Noted for fine engineering, the has made a splash across the as the most popular of the Volkswagen SUV . The company continues to develop the with features such as a 38 kW motor hybrid option. announced in 2010 the Tiguan its best month ever, 2,551 vehicles, a 42 percent in December compared to December Volkswagen sold 806 of the Touaregs in 2010 in the U.S. a 68.3% over the 479 units sold in 2009. Total year-to-date in the United States in December were 20,946 Tiguans and Touaregs. representing increases of and 7.3% respectively over the year. Internationally, the Volkswagen rates highly with as well.

Particularly China, and the Asia Pacific region.

Can I Buy Rebuilt Volkswagen Engines?

Volkswagen engines remain due to the proven engineering that this make, as well as and affection for the design and style of like the Beetle. The Internet quick browsing of alternatives by in phrases like VW and rebuilt Sites such as GEX INTERNATIONAL and offer rebuilt options for diesel and gas engines.

Many of sources will ship to locations across the U.S. vendors focus more on clientele within driving and don’t ship. Check classifieds for rebuilt engines.

up business telephone directories to more listings. In the section Parts and Supplies — and Rebuilt look for sellers in Volkswagen.

What Is the Average Price of a Volkswagen Passat Wagon?

for a used Volkswagen Passat offer the buyer an affordable built with a reputation for a wagon. Differences in mileage and for this popular wagon create slightly higher or prices. 2009 vehicles about $22,000, and 2008 and vehicles average about

Of course, going to earlier results in a lower average 2004 vehicles will for about $8,000 on average. You can used Passat Wagons in the 1990s era, averaging $2,000. If the accessories are in good i.e. air conditioning, compact player, power seats, seats and moon roof, the will average a couple dollars more.

Private usually sell for a little than dealers.

What Is the Selling Volkswagen Sports

Volkswagen produces a number of high performance vehicles, but the GTI has the of being the best selling sports car . Year-to-date sales December 2010 were cars compared with in 2009 in the United States. in 1976, the Volkswagen dealer sold ten times the planned volume in its first year on the according to Volkswagen. According to the 2010 Automotive Performance, and Layout (APEAL) study by Power and Associates identified the GTI as the most appeal in its category of Sporty Cars, reported by

The turbocharged 2.0-L 6-speed delivers 200 horsepower and goes mph in 6.8 seconds.

Which Volkswagen Has the Highest MPG?

Sturdy and safety serve as the hallmark of automobiles . but a couple models great fuel efficiency Jettas and Golfs offer the gas mileage in the U.S. according to In the diesel category, the 4-cylinder Jetta and SportWagen with transmission obtain 30 mpg city and 42 mpg for 2011 models. The diesel-powered 4 2.0L Golf with transmission, obtains 30 mpg city and 42 mpg as well.

The 2010 gasoline Jetta obtains 24 mpg in the city and 34 mpg When shopping for used with good gas mileage, the 2009 4-cylinder 2.0L 6-speed Jetta Diesel gets 30 mpg city and 41 mpg highway. the Volkswagen Polo achieves 75 mpg according to Top Speed.

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