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VOLVO V60 Plug-In Hybrid – 2.4 D6 AWD Geartronic

Volvo evolved: driving the range of more frugal

Thursday, 11 August 2011 PM

The Volvo C30 touring car by tuners It s as quick as it looks and it looks n wicked! Unfortunately we re not driving one of today, but there is 300bhp of fun to come.

There’s been mpg-belt-tightening for fleet-buyer-flirting over at with their frugality-focused lower CO2 and improved economy engines coming to the range; with start/stop technology. news for number-crunching fleet and thrifty families.

There’s been some over- and sharpening with the recent of the eye-catching and apex-shaving R-Design and, most mouth-watering of a beast unleashed in the shape of the 329bhp V60 T6 Polestar. Good for fashion followers and thrill too then.

So, with Volvos in all the right directions we thought it to get behind the steering wheels of of the 2012 model range that’ll be ready to buy from in September. From the S60 saloon, the SUV and, of course, that V60 Polestar estate

Test Volvo S60 D5 R-Design; £29,750

have to be wearing some dark sunglasses to miss Passion Red S60 R-Design it’s stylish and athletic-looking with its and aero front-end, chiselled 18-inch Ixion alloys, and stocky shoulder line. The S60 wears its vibrant red R-Design well.

A tug on the driver’s door reveals a nicely snicky mechanism and a reassuring heft to the itself. And that’s probably we’d expect from a that’s built a reputation for and safe cars. But Volvo like to sprinkle a little into the safe ‘n’ recipe spicing things up a

And the R-Design bodywork and firmer and chassis tweaks are a good

Into the interior and I’m by the height of Swedish restraint and Everything is cleanly laid out and a nicely uncluttered feel to the and airy cabin. Volvo are extra fleet sales the buoyant side of the new car market now, with retail flat — with eco- and trim-tweaks to the 2012 and fleet buyers are a well-travelled, bunch who, with car tax in mind, will be looking for as comfort and convenience trim as can get for the price point.

And a reasonable of speed but without a too high CO2 price.

Top marks go to the S60 for it cosseting The more sports-flavoured seats near-perfect support all the way up my back, with my head rested against the soft and sculpted But best of all was the steering wheel and this was the most wide-reaching of any of the new cars I’ve tested

With my seat where I it to be a long way back for these legs — a tug and tilt the steering wheel very close to my chest for a really driving position. I know it like a small point, but it after 300 miles behind a wheel that you just seem to position just And a great driving position encourages a great driving

The 5-cylinder, 2.4-litre turbo-diesel up front in the S60 makes 215PS 215bhp) and 440nm of torque just 1500rpm in the rev range. torque nice and early, On the road that torque to an easy-going 6-speed manual quick and fun, yet quite motoring is instantly accessible.

I say accessible because the S60 feels easy and friendly to drive.

and this S60 returns respectable 124g/km of CO2 and 60.1mpg on the combined Certainly in the right ballpark, but gearbox beware — the shifter adds 30g/km to the CO2 and takes a much bigger from the fuel tank, to 47.9mpg.

The 215PS engine and manual gearbox work together (60mph comes in a 7.2secs) while a pleasantly and flat ride which not to jar overtly over bigger imperfections underlines the potential munching capabilities of this cruiser.

So, this Volvo S60 D5 looks good, goes comes with excellent and a respectable spec; and now with the frugality figures in the right Fleet buyers looking to away from the German-average take a look.

Test Volvo XC60 D3 DRIVe SE Lux £34,450

This XC60 D3 is an interesting proposition indeed all the handsome looks of the popular XC country” cars but with fuel-friendly front-wheel drive and the diesel-frugal DRIVe tech, with Start/Stop. Now it appears you can have your Volvo SUV and eat it!

The “Volvo look” that happily used by now sculpted and chunky but not too (dare I even say boxy — remains to be (and enjoyed) with the XC and this Scandinavian compact SUV in a quietly confident fashion some other more soft-roaders.

At nearly £35k nearly £4k in options on test car) for what describe as their “most variant” we’ll be expecting interior wow factor from our SE Lux Premium interior. Like the there’s a calm quality

The beige leather in this car sound like it’ll set the beating but I don’t think something Volvo set out to do, and climbing the driver’s seat it’s a case of “ahhh” than

Soft, classy and well-stitched solid and very nicely wherever you look; a clean, and uncluttered space and plenty of it me inside this XC.

Again the most comfort-encouraging adjustment to and steering wheel that found in any brand of car, and everything was clicked into I started out on this road in a peaceful frame of mind.

A gear knob controls a positive 6-speed manual hooked up to a 163PS, 5-cylinder engine, powering just the wheels. The foot controls progressive and easy and the engine well enough to roll the big XC without too much aural and all the while feeling safe, and comfortable.

This easy-going is quoted to return 49.6mpg this manual transmission and with the auto; combined while the manual car attracts a £130 per year in road tax due to a CO2 of 149g/km.

Braking and cornering is and quite flat for a car with suspension and a relatively high of gravity, but this does quite a stiffness in compliance tackling ragged potholes. I found most of my cruising in the XC refined, and that commanding position would soon be with the keys returned.

drive: Volvo XC60 D5 AWD SE £35,900

Same model, engine. Perhaps the more transmission for an off-road-intended XC, with drive and a bigger, 5-cylinder turbo-diesel engine making and powering a 6-speed automatic

AWD XC can fling the mud, should the take us.

This XC wears its Ice paint very well, to look cool and classy some SUVs sporting bodywork can look a little too hop video”. The quietly stylish Zephyrus alloys also any OTT pretentions.

At £35,900, plus £4k in options one of them £1,485 for the Geartronic automatic we’re getting the same luxurious inner space for full-size passengers and a big enough to match the competition.

VOLVO V60 Plug-In Hybrid – 2.4 D6 AWD Geartronic

On the road and the power and torque comes well but not in such abundance to the 163PS XC. If you’re XC intends to some rough stuff you’ll indeed look to all-wheel driver, but if tarmac is your playground then the economy and lower road tax and costs of the 2WD will probably a lot of sense.

With the less automatic gearbox which this type of more driving style nicely, by the way you’ll be paying a fair extra in terms of CO2 output, at meaning £315 per year in tax, as well as seeing a heart-warming combined economy of 41.5mpg. The XC60 D5 AWD with a manual gearbox returns in comparison. You takes your choice.

Test drive: V60 T6 Polestar AWD R-Design; £36,285

most powerful Volvo says the large graphic both sides of the Ice White V60 T6 AWD sitting low-slung and full of in a car park packed with Volvos. Once spotted; wanted — keys and silky straight-6, 3-litre quickly poked into

So, what else do we get for our 304PS in uber-Volvo? The 62mph sprint is care of in 5.9secs and the top speed is a (but limited) 155mph. So so good.

The V60 R-Design estate is a handsome one, in my opinion. slab-sides top-out in a high line with the short glass area lending a low and look to this most of the Scandinavians. It’s a Volvo but not as we it.

Or do we?

Do you remember the turbocharged 850 T5s from the Various saloon and estate car won races all over the world and the police used them to tons of kit whilst catching criminals. The T5 was a bit of a legend in petrolhead-land.

Now time to see if the T6 can fill those The fact that it’s by Volvo’s touring car builders, certainly points in the right

The usual Volvo interior apply so I’m immediately and ready to rock. The at-idle isn’t intrusive for a 300bhp car and a 3-litre straight-6, turbocharged certainly sounds tasty, the leather-clad handle controlling the Geartronic automatic gearbox and feels out of touch. There is no box option.

Still, we’ll pop her in and see what we get.

This is a with all-wheel drive, fat and as much safety and traction as any car can muster, so without fear of I get her pointed straight on a deserted lane and give the go-pedal the lead-footed treatment.

Speed and build quickly as 60mph is in 5.9secs; that long, engine making smooth of the pulling duties, with more exhaust growl as the rise accompanied by a whoosh the turbo.

The auto-shifter may look out of date but the itself does a decent job of up the ratios with a reasonably and quick action. It’s when you ask more of it that it its lack of the most modern tech, like braking a dropping several ratios a hard turn. There is a override that’s a little involving but, of course, it change the underlying mechanics of the

The ride is firm and flat and the quick but not overly razor-like; all in keeping with the look, and performance of the V60 T6. The brakes, as we’d from this safety-conscious are powerful but with a progressive

The T6 is quick alright and that straight-6 engine is a smooth and operator, and once a head of is built, this long, low mean-looking Volvo marches the horizon with impressive A snicky 6-speed manual would be the icing on this potent performance cake.

By Anslow

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VOLVO V60 Plug-In Hybrid – 2.4 D6 AWD Geartronic
VOLVO V60 Plug-In Hybrid – 2.4 D6 AWD Geartronic
VOLVO V60 Plug-In Hybrid – 2.4 D6 AWD Geartronic
VOLVO V60 Plug-In Hybrid – 2.4 D6 AWD Geartronic
VOLVO V60 Plug-In Hybrid – 2.4 D6 AWD Geartronic
VOLVO V60 Plug-In Hybrid – 2.4 D6 AWD Geartronic


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