Volvo V60 Plugin Hybrid Is this Swedish cruiser all the car …

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Volvo V60 Electric Cars

Fuel economy

155.2mpg (Europe)

CO2 emissions | range

(Europe) | 560 miles


North America late

Volvo describes the V60 Plug-in as three cars in one. A electric car, moving under the power of its compact motor; a versatile hybrid blending power from the engine and electric motor as as possible; and a performance car, startling firepower from power sources to all four

On paper Volvo is telling the In Pure mode a maximum range of 31 miles will most owners to comfortably without emitting a single of carbon dioxide, nitric or any other harmful particulate. is particularly true for those workplace charging options, as a charge takes four-and-a-half yet in Power mode the driver can the taps on nearly 300hp.

Jekyll and Hyde persona that people in the city don t the big Volvo coming whilst out on the open road often don t see way it went. The V60 Plug-in Hybrid is the fastest and cleanest Volvo built.

But on paper the V60 Plug-in also manages 155.2mpg in fuel economy tests, a that even Volvo is a pipe dream for buyers, so s clearly some discrepancy theory and reality. But how big a discrepancy?

proceed as normal

The V60 Plug-in always starts in the middle of its selectable drivetrain settings – mode. If you ve programmed the car to pre-heat while plugged in (something you can do via it will also start which, apart from the those leather seats more inviting on a frosty means that battery isn t wasted using the car s heaters.

Set off, driving respectfully, and the V60 Hybrid switches between its 2.4-litre five-cylinder diesel to power the front wheels and the motor that sends to the rear seemingly on a whim, and more time using the latter than you might Call on more power the 70hp electric motor can or travel at speeds when it more efficient to use the engine and the grumbles into life. The clear TFT instruments show the the ever-moving threshold where one source takes over the other, but in Hybrid mode it s to pay it no attention and drive as you would.

engine stop-start technology, brakes and, in comparison to hybrids, an enormous battery, economy in Hybrid mode is as long as you don t flex the diesel s muscles too much.

The switch for mode is flanked by two further on the transmission tunnel Pure and Both modes allow the to take matters into his or her own and treat the V60 Plug-in Hybrid as a pure electric car or a fast car. Unsurprisingly the two setups so far apart that you wouldn t them as coming from the machine.

Does three go into

Three does go into and all modes can work well but only if your personal match Volvo s expectations. If so, you commute fewer (or at least not more) than 30 miles on and occasionally undertake long with your family and all the luggage. You may also appreciate but elegant car design, being of an aesthete, and share a concern for the

You ll also be pretty affluent.

and safety are a given in a Volvo and while it may not ride as smoothly as a C-Class, or have as prestigious a on the grille, the V60 Plug-in Hybrid is a product and desirable in its own right. about every optional Volvo offers comes as although a further £1,200 is for the full complement of Volvo s safety technology. Attractive, comfortable, practical and safe, are enough reasons to buy the V60 Plug-in before even considering its environmental credentials.

The V60 Plug-in only has one real weakness, reveals itself when the is completely discharged and you find regularly undertaking long s at speeds of 60mph or higher. down by all that hybrid even its low rolling resistance can t help it surpass 50mpg. run out of electricity on shuddering urban and you ll be lucky to exceed 35mpg.

Bottom line: give the V60 Hybrid the charge it craves possible and do more short than cross-country marathons. If you can t either of those demands look elsewhere.

Because of the technology and the way these cars execute it, it s also very to say how efficient a plug-in hybrid car is in the world. Undertake a journey electric power alone and of you ll achieve the equivalent of hundred hundred of miles per gallon. Run a hybrid using only the engine, however, and fuel is often disappointing, so it s all about the two work together as best you

On typical British A roads – s to say gently undulating at speeds of 45mph and 60mph – we switched pure electric power twenty miles and introduced the engine for a further twenty, into Hybrid mode. those 40 miles the V60 Plug-in had achieved just over a figure far out of reach of the most non-hybrid estate cars, let any with this much After another twenty in Hybrid mode that would have probably to around 50mpg, however, and 100 miles the advantage of having a pack and electric motor be all but lost.

To reiterate: big miles are best left to cheaper, non-plug-in hybrids and efficient

Volvo V60 Electric Cars

Where the V60 Plug-in Hybrid appeals is that it s so easy to with. You ll soon fall the habit of quickly plugging in it a port behind the front after you ve parked on your or in the garage before heading to front door. Furthermore, you realise that – at least in writer s case – the vast of day-to-day journeys are fewer 25 miles, at a rate of one or two journeys a

Many days, perhaps a will pass since you burnt any meaningful amount of yet, for all of this time, you ve driving around in a Volvo one of the homeliest devices ever The next day you could drive the of the country in the a biblical thunderstorm and safe, on time and utterly This is the charm of the Volvo V60 Hybrid.

However, your own will also play its in whether the V60 Plug-in Hybrid is a fit. After you ve used mode once it becomes a temptation, and using it all the time the car a bit pointless. Put your foot and the moment of hesitation we re accustomed to as an s turbocharger spools up and the gearbox a cog is still there, but now that is occupied by immediate, torque-rich from the electric motor.

The is that the driver and any passengers are jolted back into the which is no exaggeration. Using power sources together and at attack drains the battery and kills fuel economy, but the V60 Hybrid is temporarily transformed an all-wheel drive warm-wagon of mixing it with some fast cars. Used and primarily as a means of shocking big-engineed and German, Power is merely another competent to the car s impressive bow.

Exceptional for the time being

with the UK s £5,000 government car grant this particular V60 in at £44,275 (c. $72,000). That s £8,000 more than the car on it s based, the V60 D5; a car that will superior fuel economy on motorway runs, set free of the s 250+kg weight penalty. But the V60 D5 isn t as as the plug-in hybrid, nor is it as clever, or economical during everyday

In fairness, not much else is. The adroit Chevrolet Volt isn t as refined as the Volvo, while from Ford, Toyota and Porsche can t match the V60 s electric Nor can they fit two chocolate Labradors in the

Like the Range Rover the price tag means this is more an example of what our engineers can achieve in the future. the technology it uses and way it s packaged are executed. What s now required is a of battery range and prices to less enlightened models in the range.

That said, of electric range and a high hasn t stopped Volvo having to almost double production volumes to 10,000 for

In 2014 the opposition will up with Volvo. Mercedes likely introduce a plug-in version of the new C-Class and BMW will to rollout an entire range of hybrids. For now, however, touches the V60 Plug-in Hybrid, would fit into most with ease.

It s probably the car in the world.

Volvo V60 Plug-in Is this Swedish cruiser all the car you ever need? Richard 2014-01-16 4.5 The world’s first plug-in hybrid is a superb if you play to its strengths. More range would be welcome and come in due course.

For now, Volvo offers massive fuel savings for those who undertake short journeys but and need the security of a safe and car.

Volvo V60 Electric Cars
Volvo V60 Electric Cars
Volvo V60 Electric Cars
Volvo V60 Electric Cars
Volvo V60 Electric Cars
Volvo V60 Electric Cars
Volvo V60 Electric Cars
Volvo V60 Electric Cars
Volvo V60 Electric Cars

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